Tuesday, October 23, 2012

With my Filipina sister in-law

Having a fellow pinay around is so much fun much more if she's your family right? Well, i am so glad that my BIL made a decision to marry a Filipina! Not just a fellow pinay but a very close family friend of my family there in my hometown she lives with my parents actually for 6 years until they met last 2010 when we had our family vacation to attend my brothers wedding. Anyway, I am so excited of her being with us here in the states, she's a funny and silly missy too like me so we get along very well in so many levels. The photo above was before during her wedding, MIL, niece and I took her to JCPenny and took her for shopping, we had fun that day! Trying those furry hats and stuff that made us so goofy! I look forward for our fun days ahead as a sister in-law, sure we have so many sillies things to do! LOL.

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