Thursday, December 6, 2012

Night joy ride

What a beautiful full moon indeed, that the first words i said when that night we saw it. We had dinner at Sonny's BBQ and grill then after we're all stuffed we thought of going for a joy ride in ocean side so we did. Went around the city and bumped to this beautiful hotel Costa D'Este hotel and resort at Vero Beach, the street are so stunning with those city lights and palm tress all over the downtown square. They have a park where you can have dinner overlooking ocean. So gorgeous really, more so with the full bright moon! Ahhh so relaxing! I think that's one best joy ride ever since we got here in Florida. Will do it again! Wink.

~The Costa D'Este Hotel and Beach Resort~ You can check them out here and see for your self the amazing hotel offers to the public. I learned that weddings are most likely happening here all year long because of its romantic place and outstanding scenarios. 

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