Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another movie marathon

We are planning this coming weekend. The husband and I are so hooked up to indie films right now, can't believe it LOL! It was just me who was first curious and wanting to try on different movies, I was thinking of Thai or Korean but haven't found links. Then a friend mentioned about Bollywood films and that it's good and well, the rest is history. I now have a list on what to watch, maybe try to look for other discount movie as well and really have the real thing aside from just the streaming. Will leave it to the husband because he is good at that! Just love weekends you know! It's not even Friday yet, lol! Have a wonderful rest of the week guys!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Kite: The Remix

I must say this is by far one of the best movies I've ever watched! I'm into foreign movies lately because it's kinda boring if you keep watching same people again and again don't it? My number one list is Bollywood movies and i learned that Indian are one of the best foreign movies you could watch and i was right! After watching so much for like a month now been hook of it, lol. Even it will take you so long to watch it but at the end of the story you really find some lessons and not to mention the the lead roles are stunningly gorgeous! I think all Indian lead actresses are all beautiful they have this exotic beauties than no one have :-). Well that's just my opinion though! Nevertheless to say, if you didn't watch this Kite: The Remix, you better have, it is a love story of two star-crossed lovers, leave behind their wealthy significant others to be together. So in the name of love two different cultures have to face the circumstances. It's an action adventure- drama film not to be missed! Watch it for your self! Wink.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Off back home

Last update for tonight! My box is finally set. It will be ship back home pretty soon and the family is so looking forward and excited to receive the goodies. Hope they will like what I've gathered for them, lol! But I guess I should send a ball pein hammer too. I'm sending a jewelry-making and beading kit for an aunt. I've had this stuff for a year already because I was planning to do personalized jewelries and accessories but I couldn't find time for it. Since my aunt loves this kind of stuff, she's very creative, making her own purses, shoes, and accessories too. I know this material will help her a lot and she'll have a fun time doing pretty stuff. I just hope the weather will cooperate so that we can drive the box to the courier, this weekend perhaps. OK done now. Goodnight!

Feeling the sunshine

After the long morning preparing and cooking food for 14 counts at lunch earlier at the husband's office. Kids and I and their cousin went outside shortly after lunch time we feeling the breeze and sunshine. Just relaxing after my busy morning. Kids were riding their bicycles and screaming like crazy people, lol. At least they are having fun even though every one is busy in tax season. Hope the weather will cooperate tomorrow so we'll continue our fun outside otherwise we'll be stuck inside again! Well, got to go now... really tired and my body is so ready to take a beauty rest. Have a good evening everyone! Wink!

Rock and Roll!

Chatting with the family back home, I learned that my younger cousin is serious in learning to play a musical instrument. Guitar in particular. She said it's part of their school curriculum and she's so happy about it. The guitar her father bought a few years ago is finally putting to good use now. I'm glad that we have a family member who knows how to serenade good music someday. If we can get a vacation there someday, I'll definitely as her to play music for us, she should be an expert by then, lol! Since I saw some really good deals on leather guitar strap, might as well grab one for her. To take her learning to the next level, guitar accessories and songs books can help along the way. She's got all the family's support and backing on this one. I bet my sister is jealous for she's a frustrated musician, lol!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Favorite Appetizer

Hmmm yummy isn't it?? Mouth watering fried pickle! Number one of my favorite appetizers ever. I discovered this when i was watching the travel channel featured the best fried paradise across the US and one of those was the fried pickle i wouldn't have known that you can fried pickles but looks so good so i promised that i will surely find where to buy it but i tried to cook one time it turn good and since the i am addicted to it. Moreover, one of the local restaurant is serving the best fried pickle i've ever taste. Wink!

Monday, January 16, 2012


As soon as that keyword appears in my screen, I don't think twice and just click it right away. Know why? Well, am just hoping to find really beautiful pumps, shoes, and high-heels! Silly me! It doesn't lead me to such this time though for I came over a different kind of pumps. The coolant pump at WeGotPumps.com am talking about. They've got every kind of pumps, commercial and industrial at their website, lowest rates possible and even provide free shipping. Well, not the kind of pump for me but still it's good to know about them. Got a friend whose been looking for water pumps for the farm she have in mind, might as well tell her about this link. Winks!

Mabinay caves

My sister spent almost 3 weeks in a vacation, so unfair! I bet she had another wonderful time again. This time, they went to Mabinay caves. Well, Mabinay is located in the interior part of Negros Oriental, Philippines. My brother lives in Dumaguete, 86 kilometers, (almost 2 hours ride) from Mabinay. Along with the gang, they went there exploring the caves. Mabinay has 400 caves actually, only 8 are opened for the public. The tour is divided in 3 categories, beginners, advanced, and extreme. Beginners as they are, they went exploring 3 caves. According to my sissy, it was a long, tiring, yet exciting 3-hour tour. The best for her was the second cave which was extremely dark, slippery, and muddy! If it wasn't for the flashlights, they wouldn't be able to see each other and be lost in the dark. That's very thrilling I bet. But if you want to see the the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites formations, with all the glittering crystals, the 3rd cave is the one. On summer they're looking forward to go there again and try the 'advanced.' A whole day tour that that takes visitors to even more exciting caves that leads to an underground river. Whoaa! That's so cool!

Here are some of their pictures...


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Best Dresses at The Golden Globes


These are certainly my picked of best dresses at The Golden Globes Awards night. Each of them delivered the dress beautifully and classy. First, the red is very elegant yet simple nothing much going on but sure you will get noticed! The second is the color of the time, blush is always classy and purity give you the natural look that stands out from the crowd! The last one is the green, loving this kind of color green for me it gives you the authority and sophisticated look. That's all, one thing i always looking forward of the awards night best or even worst dresses are just popping out! Will share my worst dresses choices next! lol.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Could be Fiji

As much as I've learned to love the countryside, the only exception is there's no beach nearby. The last time I got a taste of it was more than a year ago when we went home to the Philippines and spent several days in a resort with my loved ones. It was nice but nothing like a dream beach getaway. I know it could be just a wishful thinking but someday soon, provided the ways and means, something grand should come our way. Been thinking of Hawaii maybe but really dreaming of Fiji. Fiji vacation packages sounds so tempting. It was when I was browsing for a nice honeymoon idea for my bro-in-law that's getting married this year when I learned about Namale, an award-winning Fiji all inclusive resorts. According to feedback, it is the ultimate Fiji honeymoon haven for Fiji weddings. The resort offers your very own Fijian villa overlooking the majestic sea. Visitors could just sit by all day by their private pool or make their adventurous side happy by enjoying horseback ridding and discovering hidden waterfalls.

I'm sure my brother in law wants nothing but the best for their honeymoon. Could share this link to him and maybe he'll consider. Anyway, I could just browse their gallery and look at their pictures of this beautiful resort for now. Kinda like a virtual visit and I tell you, it's one of the finest I've ever seen so far.

At Korean Resto

Had a wonderful lunch meal at Korean restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama. We're tired and ready to eat lunch after the 2 hours and half strolling at the space & rocket center. We loved Korean food so decided to headed over there for lunch. The husband ordered his spicy marinated beef meanwhile i had the delish beef ribs soup or kalbi- tang in Korean menu. It was tasty and so refreshing on a cold rainy afternoon. I always enjoy the Korean condiments as well specially the kimchi! Not to mention their rice so perfect! Wink!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sleeping on the Road

Thanks for the guest post by Rob L.

When I am on the road, I like to know where I am going to be sleeping and how comfortable it’s going to be. One night crammed into a small hotel room with 11 other people is enough to make you think your plans through a bit more. I’ve spent any nights like that so I don’t take chances anymore.

If you want perfect comfort than rent a high class hotel room. I don’t have the money for that and I don’t think that gives you a real experience. If you are going to rent a hotel room then your own pillow with you. Hotel pillows are junk so I suggest travelling with a pillow you know you like. I roll up a memory foam pillow nice and tight and tie it that way. Now I know I always have at least a pillow with me even if I don’t find a bed for the night. The worldly traveler knows the value that hostels provide. Some people are scared of staying in hostels. In general, hostels are good places to stay for cheap. If you do stay in a hostel, lock up all of your valuables and keep a close eye on your wallet. You will be sharing a room with other people. Sometimes things can get a bit cramped and your credit cards may take a walk. You’ll most likely be sleeping on a set of bunk beds or a cot. If you ever sleep on an old cot in a hostel then you will be excited to see a set of twin bunk beds. Don’t dismiss them as something for kids. They can be an oasis for your back.

Look into home exchanges. A home exchange is when you open your home up to someone from another country in exchange for them doing the same. You may end up in the guest room or you may end up in the master bedroom. This is a great arrangement as you are giving someone an even trade of space and can sleep in a real bed rather than on a cot or set of full bunk beds with a mattress that hasn’t been flipped since the USSR fell. Don’t ever exchange money but make sure to exchange all of your personal information and check them out. Don’t want to come home from your trip to a cleared out house.

More Photos of the TOUR at USSRC


Great Deal

I can really tell how the husband is excited to get his truck overhaul done! He is now fixing the inside and the body but in order to get it finish in no time he must have a welding machine. So fortunate, got a pretty great deal with a coupon for a welder including the welding helmet which he really needed it to complete the work. In addition those welding set he purchased would be a big help for his hobbies not to mention he loves to do stuff like the really manly thing. Just check the tracking and it's on the way. Now waiting for the mailman to deliver it because I'll be the one signing the delivery confirmation because he at the office!

Random Photos: At U.S. Space & Rocket Center


~The Apollo 16 Command Module~
~ Astronaut Suits~

~ Spaceship Simulator~

~ The Pathfinder Shuttle~

~Von Braun~
~The Saturn V Rocket~
~ The V2~
~ Space craft wall of fame~

Finally we had our awesome and most memorable tour to the U.S Space & Rocket Center last weekend at Huntsville, Alabama. It was raining the whole time we drove over there and more so when we're close to the facilities pouring so hard but all was worth the drive because the experienced was amazing! Here are some randomly selected photos i've taken! I took quite a bit, lol. Sure plenty of WOW stuff up there! Don't miss to see for your self and family bet you will enjoy as much as we are! Wink.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yummy Sunday 124 : Pinoy Street Food


The housemates were having pizza at dinner meanwhile the mom of the house was in the mood of street food style dinner so happened i got bunch of fish balls and fresh lumpia at the Filipino store we just went by yesterday at Huntsville, Alabama. I've missed those kinds of finger food for a long time!

She's back

Before checking this rv insurance site I just found online, looking at quotes and benefits that RVers might find helpful at Good Sam vehicle insurance plan, I just gotta welcome back my sister from her long trip. Almost three weeks of vacation is not bad but unfair, LOL! It was suppose to be just a 2 weeks vacation but she got sick cause she's such a wimp by the way. Am happy she's back now, back to being online as well. We have a long list to catch up and so many things needs to be done. I'm gonna be showering her with a very long to-do list, pay back time sissy!

Friday, January 6, 2012

50 & Fiddles

It's a new Filipino restaurant her in our close by city the closest that i can't help but to get excited that finally we one just 3o minutes drive away from us because as i mentioned the one i recently know was 2 hours drive geez can you imagine that? We really drive there for a reason. We still going up there though in a matter of when. Anyway, definitely will try this one closer to home, might be this weekend will look what they've got up there! A friend told me so about it, and the place is quite nice and unique a lil wild wild west settings. Just thrilled to see it!

Have a wonderful weekend ahead guys! TGIF!

Weekend get-away cut short

This guest post from Werner Rogers

This past week, I was very glad luck was on my side. My husband and I had gone out of town for a long weekend. We had been looking forward to the break for a long time and we were very excited when it was finally here. The weekend started out wonderful. We had a couple massage from the resort spa. We were able to hang out by the pool and enjoy some delicious food. However, my cell phone rang and the relaxation of the weekend came to an end. Apparently, one of our Home Alarm systems had gone off and someone had tried to break into the house. Suddenly a horrible feeling came over me and all I wanted to do was get home as soon as possible. I was worried about the damage and worried about what might have been taken. When we pulled into the drive, I jumped out of the car and ran inside to find everything there. The police had caught the men in time and all our belongings were exactly as they were when we left. We were very lucky and I am so thankful.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

US Space Rocket Museum

It's almost weekend again! The family have plans going on for this weekend we are going to visit the space rocket museum in Alabama before the next week comes otherwise we can't go at least before that time busy ahead will take over in few months. The get away was cancelled despite that's what i was looked forward to but priority must be the first thing to consider i rather send the expenses to my family in PH to help whatever to use that monetary thingy for as we know some close places still affected by that sendung typhoon happened weeks ago. Food are affected accordingly! So sacrificing my last two minutes vacation is not a big deal will just have to do it another time soon. Meanwhile, we are still visiting Alabama though just an hour drive! Wink!

Have a great cold Thursday morning!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tax time

Is officially here. I bet everyone will be busy sorting things out. In the office the guys will be so busy as well and for this season I will be helping them out. I'm pretty much excited for my job actually, it's been years since I reported in an office, lol! Am not gonna be working full-time though, just several days in a week because i have 2 kiddos to take care also well at least 3days in a week though. Definitely not bad for a mommy like me. Anyway, one of the things that clients might find hard to track is Rental Income Expenses. But through the help of some spreadsheets available over the internet, tracking your rental income and expenses throughout the entire year will be just easy. Well, no doubt tax time is one of those busiest days of the year and kinda stressful too. But anyway, we gotta do what we ought to do, to reap the rewards also. Winks!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Blue Monday - Blue Socks

Smiling Sally

I love this kind of socks sure keeps my feet warm during winter time and cold days! I have 3 pairs of these purple, pink and this one blue. The texture is so soft feels like cottons wrapped around my toes and feet as well my legs :-)! I also like wearing it in the boots with skinny jeans very comfy and cozy! My entry for Blue Monday meme.

Home Checklist before You Travel

Nothing beats the excitement of finally being able to go on vacation and forget about work; even for just a moment. Traveling sure is fun especially if it will provide you with the opportunity to relax unwind and spend time with your family. While you are busy planning for this much deserved trip, keep in mind that it is very important not to neglect your responsibilities at home.

If you will be gone for about a week or two, make a list of the things around the house that needs to be checked before you leave. This will provide you with the peace of mind especially if you’re going out of town or traveling to a different country. About a week before your travel date, here are some things that you could do:

Inspect the electrical wirings and outlets. It will be better to unplug all home appliances but if this is not possible then don’t forget to check if all wirings and electrical outlets are in good condition. Make sure that no wires are exposed and everything is working properly.
Examine the areas such as the backyard or garden. If you have a swimming pool, make sure that is securely covered. Perform all the needed gardening activities before the trip.
Check for the gas and water for any leaks. This is something that should not be neglected. Ensure your home is safe eve when you’re away and prevent any accidents from happening.
Roofing and flooring are also two important things that should be checked. Look for any signs of damages or much needed repair. Do this task immediately to avoid any problems before your trip.

Remember that the key to a fun travel is having that peace of mind. Ask a friend or a family member to check on the house while you are away to make sure that everything is all good.

Anya is a freelance article writer. Her passion includes traveling, writing and reading. She is currently writing on a wide range of topics and one of them is about gulvafslibning Odense which is about floor sanding in a Danish city called Odense.