Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Accessories for machines

Are you looking for universal joint and accessories to keep your machinery running efficiently? You can find lots of variety and options ate Reid Supply Company. They cover different sizes and styles, depending on your needs. I remember when we went to the flower shop the other day, the guys there were sorting their machinery and garden accessories. Saw lots of joints in the tool box and some were even scattered in the lawn. I have no idea though why they’re doing that.

Hilton Suite


Just the picture you can tell the Hilton suite Brentwood at Nashville, Tennessee is absolutely worth to stay for! Was checking on a hotel for a weekend stay at Nashville for 2 days convention to attend. So after all the browsing i did, the unanimous decision to book a room here. I love the hotel reviews and everything plus look at those pictures, there are 3 restaurants with inside garden scenarios which i really like about the hotel. Got a pretty good deal as well!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moving out

Still decidedly planned to move and stay for good to Florida this year! Been wanting this for a long time now although major circumstances not permit to happen and just always a planned that's been sitting in a corner. Anyway, got the feeling that this is the year we really need to go for some important issues to consider. Beforehand started to check new listing houses, i kinda talk about having a huge yard and considering a pool with it but since kids are present we do have to think safety measures first by putting pool net so that i have nothing to worry about any moment my kids jumping in the pool. That's too scary to think because reality check that might happen. I am absolutely excited this things get realize though moving in and out in a certain place is quite stressing but all i wanted right now is when we gonna move already!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arts from Indonesia

Aren't they gorgeous?? I would definitely love to have them in my wall. These worldstock wall decors are originally made from Indonesia with famous Indonesian artists. I am fond of abstract designs so i enjoy this kind of arts. I think they're so unique and has its own character that stands out from others. Moreover they're not cheap too! lol. Just wanna share it here so art lovers will enjoy also! Underneath are description of arts and artists.

The beautiful piece of original art is hand-painted by Indonesian artisan Nyoman Diarta, third son of a family of four. He patiently paints every single dot that covers this canvas, one at a time giving it a sure fascination while contemplating.
This beautiful piece of original art is hand-painted by Indonesian artisan Nyoman Diarta, third son of a family of four. He patiently paints every single dot that covers this canvas, one at a time giving it a sure fascination while contemplating.
This dot painting is composed of thousands of raised acrylic points applied by hand. The artist's reproduction creates a textured image on framed canvas portraying a multitude of converging cells.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The reason why travel is FUN!

This is the reason why i always ask my better half to drive us around and have the best time of our joy rides, seeing those colorful trees and taking pictures here and there. I love the vibrant colors of the trees specially in the early fall, oh! Just so breath taking! I want to go for a ride here! haha.
I must admit I'm a city girl! I rather be in a place like this where traffics and honking are going on than in a quite and silent country side, :). I used to live on a small city yet very crowded and busy place you could imagined. Although this scenario is way beyond but as long you have a good gas mileage and a full tank of fuel plus an extra in the back of the trunk why not? lol. For me it doesn't matter i just love to be on the roads 24/7 if possible! lol

I consider sailing is fun too! Just feeling the breeze and seeing those awesome waves I'm pretty sure you will have the good time of your life!
Just some of the nicest photos you could have in the right place at the right time and with your camera!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Wishfully wishing to have an assistant to help me clean my house being a working wife and a mom to the two most hyper and energetic kids in the block it's so difficult to maintain a tidy house. I hope this place has the house keeping service like cleaning services cary nc they do the works for you so you can relax at your own pace. They give you the satisfaction that you need! completing the tasks is their priority. If i could find such service close by i would have ask for help. Sometimes i can't catch up my house cleaning duty fortunately the husband is always there for me and when he's free he helps a lot with the loads. Wink!

Upside down houses around the world

My own compilation of upside down houses/buildings around the globe. These are my randomly selection from Malaysia to USA. Though i haven't been to the four of these unique and historical buildings in my life but i am honored that i got to visit and able to see in my own eyes in one of the famous upside down building in the world. It's located in Tennessee my home state at Gatlinburg, TN.
~Upside down house in Malaysia~
~Upside down house in German~
~Upside down house in South Korea~
~Upside down house in USA~

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Crosses finger

I came across this quick weight loss austin article and got inspired to continue on with my weight loss program. I have to keep a firm hold on this especially now that am starting to see results. Yes, am now down to size smaller than what I was. I guess working part time is great help also because I don't have to just think about what's the next dish to cook, lol! With a little more push and stronger determination, I'm pretty sure I'll have my desired weight by summer. It'll be my brother-in-law's wedding too so I have more reasons to be serious with my goal. It's really not impossible to loss those extra pounds, if we really want to.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Only in the Philippnes

This is all over the web front page and i couldn't miss the chance to share it to my page as well. It's the largest bat in the world ever! The species named the giant golden-crowned flying fox also known as the golden-capped fruit bat and very rare mega bat in the existence of bats. Measures the wings to 4 ft and 10 in wide, with 5 ft and 7 in tall. Looks so freaky and creepy to me actually as we all know the bat represent a thing right? In addition the fruit bats can be found in the forest of the Philippines such as in Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Boracay and somewhere in Mindanao and Luzon areas. However, the good thing though even they'e giants they are not the carnivorous type they eat fruits mostly figs, but if figs aren't available other fruits are their options.

So that's all i was just so amazed by seeing this humongous bat this could be another addition to Guinness book of world records!

It's in the timing

They say timing is everything. When it comes to legal matters and judicial decisions, I read an article that shows how a particular time of the day can influence a judge in making a verdict. I thought it's interesting so might as well share it.

Here's the article (Awake! magazine)

'A Good Time to See a Judge'

Can irrelevant factors influence judicial decision making? One study suggests that they can. A team of researchers analyzed more than 1,000 parole rulings handed down by experienced judges in Israel. The study found that in the work sessions following the judges' lunch and snack breaks, favorable rulings gradually went from about 65% to nearly zero and then abruptly returned to 65% after the next break. The researchers concluded that rulings are not always based solely on fact and law but can be swayed by extraneous variables that should have no bearing on legal decisions.

Well I guess, it's like don't mess with a starving judge..! :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Genoa Italy

Isn't it beautiful? I was stunned upon checking my emails sissy sent some of the most amazing pictures you could ever seen in your life and one of those are this one the "colorful city" as what described! I got so intrigue by it so without a doubt i further my research to find where this colorful city situated, was kinda thought pretty sure somewhere in Europe and i was positively right! The location is in the Mediterranean’s Gulf of Genoa, Italy! Accordingly, in the early days the city is known for its historic character and its wines that produced by the town's vineyards. The place has a small yet gorgeous beach and wharf framed by tower of houses. And when you are here numerous of amazing amenities this place has to offer from fine dining restaurants, scenic views to bars & shops all over the streets.

So if you love to travel and wanted to see an amazing full of life and colorful destination, this must be your next place to visit along with your family or friends! Now, i am dreaming of going there, i don't know how and when though, lol!

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just saw

Some park model homes while on the way to the mall this weekend. Oh they're cool! They are recreational vehicles specially designed as temporary living quarters to be placed in an RV parks or campground for a seasonal use. They're great for family vacation getaways. I've always thought those kind of setting is practical. More cost efficient and because they have wheels, it can travel along with you no matter where you wanna go. Must be there's some kind of a camping going on in the area now, to have seen several trailers there, it probably means there's an affair.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh weekend!


It's almost Sunday, in two days though. But if am on my tippy-toes, I can see it from here! Oh what's for the weekend that gets me so excited? Nothing much, just going to the salon with my pretty niece, yahoo! After busy working weeks, I think it's fair enough to treat ourselves for some girl thing. I want to have a trim and dye my hair, something reddish purple, lol! Haven't done this for decades, seems my long hair, jet-balck hair is getting bored and needs a new look. Aside, am drooling for some manicure and pedicure too. See the pic above? I want one! Winks! Have a good rainy morning fellas!


There's so much to do before going to cook lunch today, almost finish my chores and the house is all tidy again yahoo! Anyway for my random thoughts, am really getting serious on collecting anything red. My whole set of kitchen fellas just arrived the other day, all dressed up in red of course. I love them! What's next? Well if I can save enough money, would like to replace our outdoor grill here and I thought of looking for weber grills at, I wonder if they have my favorite color though? So yes, I'm obsessed with red! Oh well! Have a blessed weekend ahead everyone!