Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amazing seven star hotel on Earth


If ever you have plans to go to China, don't miss to pass by or even stay at one of the amazing and incredible seven star hotel in the planet!! haha. I was in the mood of my random browse over my web and really caught my interest to share it here. Pretty much sure that the price is really expensive but for sure it is worth to stay for those who can afford right! It is located in the heart of Beijing, China was to be Morgan Plaza but now called PANGU 7 STAR HOTEL. It was finished building on 2008 and it was one of the accommodations for  08' Beijing, Olympics. The hotel is a multiple buildings and lots of lots of rooms (well obviously, DUH!) lol. I learned that it is overlooking views to the Olympics venues around. This hotel is considered as the top luxury hotel in China. Would love to stay here, in my dreams preferably! lol.

Tallest Residential Building in the World


Princess tower is entitled to be the tallest skyscraper in the world today for residential buildings. It is located in Dubai if others doesn't know yet about where this from. It rise to 1358 ft accordingly and have 101 floors altogether. We can see there's several tallest infrastructure in Dubai from highest to the highest but this one is where famous and riches people lives. I wonder how does the feeling where you live is really all the way up on the top? Awesome or nervous? i have the fear of the heights so my nerves will kick in first and foremost, lol. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

It's not really a photo brick


The photo above is from my sister. This was taken during their summer vacation in the beautiful island of Guimaras, Philippines two months ago. Alright, those are not different shots, it's a single picture. Made some tweaking here and there and viola...! A photo brick kinda thingy! It's not really super nice right? I know! I actually made another one. Divided/split it four by four, it looks way better than the above I swear! The problem is I don't know how to upload it here in my blog, I mean how to arrange it and make it look like a single picture. LOL! I'm just trying this new photo editing program I installed. Yay!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cool Mailboxes


While driving on Vero Beach streets we came along this neighborhood with awesome houses and another thing that caught us up that subs was their mailboxes aren't they cool? Honestly, that was our first time seeing those custom mailboxes i think the boy with a dog is pretty neat and there's plenty of these in the place where we gonna move, now I'm thinking to have one! Hmmmmm? We'll see! Winks.

Friday, June 15, 2012

On sea salt

It has long been said that sea salt smakes the skin fairer, smooth, silky and healthy. I totally believe that! Those natural minerals is really good for the skin, making it youthful and radiant. I must confess am really a fan of lotions and body butters ever since. The only thing I noticed however is that some lotions here in the states are not very good towards Asian skin, maybe the formulation and stuff like that. But there are also ones that I just love! Back to sea salt lotions, I just discovered them and they're awesome. It has an exfoliating effect without the peeling of skin, just what I like. The good thing is they don't cost much, great!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trendy sunglasses!


Lucky me huh? Well, thanks to firmoo for sponsoring my trendy sunglasses! I just wanna let you know guys that i super love it! They're beautiful addition to my collection (big grin). All designs are so pretty, these two are my top favorites! the yellow really cute too. My sissy and sissy inlaw in the Philippines are pickin theirs too haha i would sending few of them there so they could wear the stylish sunglasses. Once again thank you so much, you have the awesome selection ever!! Until the next pairs, lol! wink.

Monday, June 11, 2012

@ The Marina Ft Pierce, Florida


Fort Pierce city marina, Florida is one of the best tourist destination. Love the place so much, the ambiance is so amazing and gorgeous. They have a restaurant right along the pier really close to the dock. When i live in Florida would definitely visiting here more often the place is definitely a stress free environment which is we love about!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

At the garage

About two weeks ago, we had a huge garage sale at my in-laws backyard. They decided to sell a lot of their stuff because we just can't bring it along to FL when we move. Most of the stuff are in their best condition with prices insanely cheap! There was a group of teens from the neighborhood looking for halloween stuffed animals, I don't know maybe they'll have this themed party and needs to bring along those kind of toys or what. We don't have those, but they did grab a lot of goodies from the garage sale anyway.



I am so happy to found out that the place we are moving in in no time is abundant of my these stuff, fresh produce, tropical fruits such as mangoes all year round, coconuts, melons and lots lots more as well the yummy seafood freshly caught every morning and brought to the seafood market! They are all my weaknesses all this time, lol. Vero Beach, Florida has it all i am so so ecstatic and thrilled to live there nothing can't stop us now! Somehow i don't miss here honestly speaking and you know why i guess :) wink!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hunting for coupons

Just came home from the beach and realized I wasn’t that prepared when it comes to the things am supposed to bring. For instance, I didn’t get to bring a jello flip-flops which are really beach friendly. But am also thinking of crocs slippers, they’re so comfy yet very sturdy. But since am broke, I’m gonna be hunting for coupons so as to save at least half of the original price. Coupons are really helpful, allowing you to save big time specially on groceries oh I've been collecting them for while now and i am happy that i have a friend that who knows how to use the extreme couponing deals! Actually it was pretty impressive!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

this was it!


Now tell me, Who Wants to GO HOME??? The picture above, yeah, that's it! The weather was great, the food was fantastic, the neighborhood- Amazing, and the beach was Awesome! I only have good words to say. Can't wait to be back there, back for GOOD!

Blogging en route Home. I did missed TN, a bit.. :D