Saturday, July 28, 2012

Was a sunny day!


It was so wonderful today despite the temperature is rising up as always lately yet had an interesting day earlier. Can't help to take the caption of the cloudy skies. While he is driving, i was clicking here and there, lol. We'll there's nothing much to say tonight! Tired and ready to go to lala land and dream. Have a good evening y'all! Ciao!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Where’s the?

Oh my! I am for sure getting forgetful already! I can not find the velcro tape I just placed the other day in the drawer! I’m pretty sure I lay it here! Undeniable that nowadays am getting old! lol. But you know what, I can’t lose it! That tape is for the backpack I’m supposed to repair soon. It got ripped off near the pocket and a velcro tape will do the trick. If I can’t find it today, maybe I can ask the husband to drive me to the craft store and get a new one. I hope my kids are not the culprits, I mean if they played with it, I’m quite sure it’s gone. LOL!

World biggest dump truck


You can find the biggest and largest truck in the world in Canada. I can't believe there is a truck that big! I would be freaking out when seeing truck like this driving on the road. Yikes! I am curious though! :)

Sweet smelling scent

I must admit, my love for perfumes started a long time ago, back when I was still at the bloom of my youth, lol! Those days, my favorite was the scent of jasmine fused with citrus. Then I came here and got to meet new fragrances. I fell in love with a particular bottle years ago and I’ve been using it since then. It starts with the word “Very,” and I know why cause for me, it’s the very best! Kidding aside, I used to think the finest perfumes are expensive but actually, they’re not. There are lots of cheap perfume that smells terrific! Just like mine i use i should say it is not expensive but the smell is just the way i like it among any other branded women perfumes out there. One thing it’s not gonna hurt your pocket if you grab a few bottles, wink!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Batman Building : Nashville, TN


It is informally known as the batman building of the south! Why? it's because as you can see the shape of it and was earned the title of the superhero's batman's head mask. The building is so popular in Nashville and in the entire state of Tennessee. When you speak about it then people knows what you are exactly talking about. This used to be the bell south building for quite awhile but bought by AT&T itself at present. The design is superb and creative that everytime you drive in Nashville you won't miss this building even you are far in a distance. It is one of the tallest building in the city and one of tourist spot in the surrounding area.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coolest Garage in America

 ~The 4 doors garages~

I just wanna give a round of applause the man behind all this! I don't know him in person but i am so amazed by his passion. I saw his story in a car enthusiast website. Man like him who loves cars and passionate about building extravagant garages and etc! (actually hubs is one of the member on that forums, he just like to get ideas and stuff like that to use for his own as well.) Anyway, this would be the coolest garage I've seen ever build so far! As you can see the 3 door garages plus the long one garage for his Semi-truck. I learned he design this on his own since the man loves to build and do costume stuff! 

~The mansion~

Meanwhile, that's only the garage the real thing is his big mansion upfront! This man is rich and famous I'm sure! Just saying the owner obviously has unlimited resources. Everything is impressively creative! Give it A++++++++ on that! Wink!

The Real Barbie

Back when we were kids, us girls were fan of one thing- Barbie! Well-loved and adored by many all across the world, this beautiful doll captured our hearts. I'm pretty sure the number of girls who dreamt of having Barbie eyes, hair, waistline and legs are to numerous to count. LOL! Sure we are all fascinated by Barbie but did you there's actually a living Barbie? I was like wow! Her name is Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year old Russian girl who takes her fondness with Barbie to the next level. She has been an internet sensation because people are just so amazed with how she looks, which is very unreal. Humor has it she went through plastic surgeries to achieve a Barbie-look but the lady hasn't disclosed anything about it yet. Anyway here's a couple of her pictures. She really looks like a doll, OMG!

Monday, July 16, 2012

White House, TN

White house Tn is pretty nice area in Tennessee, it is pass over Nashville the capital city of TN. The husband is planning to take us there for a car show to be held on the downtown square. I never been there so i am quite excited to visit this place. Car show is always been husband's favorite things to do. Can't wait to go there and enjoy taking pictures of the cars display and of course the scenery! Wink.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New neighbors


We have new neighbors in the next house right now just fence apart and foots foots away! I have no complains however this new ones here that just moved yesterday has a dog not just a cutie dog but an outside dog am talking about big dog!! It barks like crazy one thing bothers us was this morning at 6am! Well, who does liking it? waking up in the middle of your sleep husband is not very happy and he is irritated because first and foremost we don't have any problem with that for years and years and just yesterday our whole stay here is gonna change unless they will do something about this dog otherwise we will gonna call an animal control to take over the problem! I hope tomorrow morning won't upset him again because earlier he was highly upset, he is not a morning person!

TGIFT y'all! lol

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Songjang Hotel - CHINA


Songjiang hotel is a mind blowing breath taking super innovative five-star hotel with over 400 bedrooms and suits! It is an under water luxurious resort in Songjiang district of China close to Shanghai. Top of the lists tourist destination in the world. The hotel situated inside the water-filled quarry one thing this hotel is so impressive and the amazing concept is truly a worth to visit and stay. Accordingly, the place become the popular tourist destination because of its natural beauty and amazing scenery and this hotel is one of the attraction that visitors couldn't pass on. So when you are thinking to go to China don't think twice but spend the best time of your life in this jaw dropping HOTEL up there! Now i am so dreaming to go to this place someday, a wishful thinking, lol!

I'm supposed to read emails

This is the first time I did this, I mean visiting different websites through my email. If you've been using Gmail, you might know of this feature already but since I'm a late bloomer, it so happened I learned about it just now. Anyway I'm looking at Google Plus Page for Personal Creations and the products they have. If you're looking for personalized gifts for any occasions, they're the place to be. My brother-in-law is to walk down the aisle soon and I think a "heart in sand framed print" is such a nice thing to give on his wedding. He loves the beach and so as his bride-to-be. I'm pretty sure they'll love this because it has an imprint of the couple's name along with memories a walk in the beach brings. There's actually a lot of amazing treats and deals here. Anyway, now I'm just not reading emails but surf the net all at the same time!

Tn rain!

Finally Tennessee got rain today not much as we wanted to but at least i can hear thunders and lightnings here and there it does mean the rain will still get going we all hope we really have the heavy rain as possible because we have nothing for more than two months now and the yards really need it badly. As we go for a drive we can tell we have the drought days of our lives here plants, trees are so dried up wilted! We reach the highest point of temperature in the last two weeks and what can you possible expect from that? Yikes! So people here hoping for the big rain! Whew.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A request

My 14 year old cousin is such a music fanatic. She loves to sing when she was still a kid and now she’s into playing instruments. Guitar is her thing and it’s nice to know she’s making progress. The last time we chat, she was requesting for a kind of a guitar case. The vintage looking guitar case in particular. I told her why ask me? LOL! I guess the kid knows I will always be her fan and supporter when it comes to her interests in life. Alright let me find one but definitely not now though, you have to wait little missy!

A long worthwhile day in Cookeville, TN

Yesterday we attended the second day of district convention of JW's at a university coliseum in Cookeville, TN. Twas a wonderful day for us and successful refreshing and encouraging moments to keep. We have this annually celebration for our brothers and sisters in same faith to gather together and listening the fine words that given by our assigned elders and brothers, changing each others experiences and all. Yesterday we teaches us to inculcate God's words to our little ones because this is only the knowledge they can keep for the rest of their lives that no one can take it away from them. Also we learned how to manage wonderful life balancing everything in our lives. It was a tiring hot long day for us but it's worth the effort.

Have a wonderful Sunday y'all.

Fireplace outside

Have you ever heard of outdoor fireplace or fire pits? I really think they’re the perfect thing to beautify your garden or patio. I saw one as we pass through a friend’s house, and they recently got this super nice fire bowl, it’s like a fire pit but it has a grilling rack and cover, just perfect for cooking and of course grilling. Gone are the days when a fireplace is supposed to be just inside the house, now they’re really a nice part of your lawn and garden, adding beauty and feel for a cozy ambiance.

Thinking of Zoo


It's been quite awhile since we visited zoo with kids i remembered the last we've been there was just our boy or the girl is still months old see really long time couldn't even remember exactly now, lol. Anyway, is thinking to go there it would be much fun and kiddos are more grown up now i bet they appreciate the Zoo even nicer! Moreover, I learned that Nashville Zoo have plenty of nicest stuff than they used to have 4 years ago lots of amazing animals added plus parks and rides as well. So what's the best thing to do right now is to see it for our self! Checking on rates and schedule for there up coming events and specials so kids will more likely love it! Can't wait! Will do it when weather is still hot otherwise they keep animals inside when it started to cool.

Her modern job

A friend of mine works somewhere that sells the latest gadgets, technology and computer systems you can possibly imagine. Their office provides and installs CCTV camera, POS systems, barcode scanner, etc. To unlock their office, you’ve got to have the fingerprint that’s been programmed in it. She seems to have such a fun job but according to her, sometimes things are becoming so boring and just a routine, in terms of dealing with computers and all the high-tech stuff. I guess she’s just been so exposed with the job and just needs a break. I really think she has one of the most exciting jobs in the world.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It's the fourth of July celebration here in states so in other words people are holidaying in America! . Meanwhile since everyone have no work to be done today the boss or the big dad my FIL is inviting us for a cookout, haha! Which is, we all enjoy he always have a BBQ cookout or eating out at his house and MIL is the best chef she make this potato salad one of her specialty. Everyone happy when she have those served. Today i have no idea what's the cookout theme for lunch but am pretty sure it's GOOD STUFF. Wink!

Got to go! Ciao!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rutledge Falls in Tennessee


Been here in this state for almost 7 years and who would have thought they have this amazing Rutledge falls just around the corner talking about just really close where we at now! Good thing one of my mutual friend in social network posted photos of this! Right away asked her where the falls at was totally excited because i want to go there, lol. Best idea to get some new photos for my photography page huh! Planned this weekend will definitely going at Rutledge falls! Cool place isn't it?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Spanish Villa


One of the villa in the city of Bero Beach, FL. We took a joyride in one of the most amazing neighborhood in that areas and this house amazed us, we want one like this! lol (wishy wish). But actually we found a very good deal of  spanish tyle house there and he is really wanted to see that whenever we are ready to move sometime soon just hoping still available by the time. The arches and porches is what this house makes even nicier! With palm trees here and there.. it feels like am in the Philippines! (BIG GRIN)

Have a wondeful weekdays ahead y'all!