Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lovely dress for every occasion


They say when it rains it pours, the same thing goes in a positive note most truly. Just the other day I had this beautiful dress landed on my lap and then now, well guess what? Another equally charming and lovely dress came my way. I’m thankful to all my generous friends who shower me with goodies and treats nowadays! In this case, it’s a dress like I said but not like the ordinary. Her name is Shirred waist knit dress in rust, let me describe her. She has this cut that compliments well to a lady. At first I was skeptical, thinking it will only emphasize my size, lol! What I like is that it managed to actually compliment my curves. (wink) The fabric is made from the finest materials, it feels so gentle and breathable. I had her in rust/tangerine shade, I like it vibrant and happy but not flashy. Would it be too much if I tell you, I think am cut out for this dressy? LOL! 

Kidding aside, I feel like going to a dinner date, in a beautiful roof top view overlooking the city lights wearing this dress. Again thank you for this new addition to my closet, it definitely brought a smile to my face.  

For back view, a cross-back straps to accentuate your back proportion. Oh by the way, I got this beautiful dress all the way from India, the land of beauty and mystery. Wink!

Poses at Ledford Mill Creek


Twas nothing much to do today, house chores done, got a clean house so what else could i think of.. was going for a ride before heading up to food shopping. Had a fun ride with kids behind the passenger seats hoping they could at least nap for a bit, but to no avail! lol. So we decided to stopped over to this beautiful small town at Ledford Mill. It's a small town yet it has a beautiful creek over there, with an antique store and a bed and breakfast log cabin. And the nice thing could happened was taking another beautiful pictures of course i can't help to posed you know, haha!

I love this old log cabin near the creek and water falls that where i took some poses. Cool stairways going down to the river bed. is just neat. It is located on the top of the hill. Cabin was large at front, we thought there's an under ground that is developed by the look of it, we're pretty much sure. I am tempted to go closer than close but the husband don't want me to be because we saw two guard dogs when we first drove by, lol. Yikes! Nevermind.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Hotels in FLorida


When you plan on going for a grand escapade with family or friends along the beach in east coast of Florida, Consider and I will recommend you to stay on a luxurious skyscraper hotels in Daytona, Florida! These hotels are located at the oceanfront you can see the beautiful and stunning sunrise in the morning and dramatic sunset at night! Experience the get away of a lifetime in Daytona Beach, Florida guys! I heard a lot of nice stories in this place so when we got the chance to go to Florida for a visit to parent in laws, i asked the husband to drove me around downtown Daytona before heading home. I was amazed by the city and i told him we will definitely going back there when we're residing in the state soon. I love the buildings mostly hotels, they're all tall and gorgeous looking, i assured you that it's worth the stay! They have amusement parks across those hotels. I checked the hotel rates and i found out they are not bad at all, they're cheap knowing they're high ends hotels, well i guess because competition are left and right so they need to be smart enough! By the pictures alone you wanna feel like going there huh? lol.

Oh by the way, the first on the top left photo, that hotel is the venue of Florida's huge annual spring break event. Twas featured also in the travel channel the top 10's Florida's best hotel to stay! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I super Like my Gypsy Dressy!

Every day is a blessing but some days do come with an extra icing on top. Yesterday was one of those days and I’m more than happy to tell you why. How would you feel if you received something so nice and lovely, something adorable and a total keeper? Well, Mr. Postman knocked again yesterday and hand me a package which I opened right away and was smiling big time the moment I saw it. It was the dress I got from a very nice company who’s willing to share their beautiful apparels to someone who likes to feel as pretty as the outfit. (Big grin!) Yes ladies, I got the‘Venus Diamond Neck Satin and Lace Full A-line Skirt Sun Dress at HolyClothing and I so love mine! What’s the biggie? Well any fashionista won’t let this kind of good stuff get away from their closet, LOL!

It is Bohemian inspired with a beautiful fabric that’s so gentle to the skin and comfy to wear. I went for the gold beige since I thought it’ll look good with native, woody accessories. My judgment did fail me, you know I have a fancy over gypsies! Oh and yes, the flairs, I just love the flairs and details! So using my tripod I did a little pictorial. I wore my yellow wedge to add stance but you know what? I prefer wearing the sandals. This dress makes me feel carefree, I want to fly! To checkout more of this fabulous dresses like mine visit their HolyClothing Facebook Fan Page and see what's the latest. Wink!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.


I am talking about my parents wedding anniversary is fast approaching. It is going to be 34th years of happy and blissful life together. I am thinking what to give them as gifts. Can't decide yet but i have some in my mind , gonna see which is which ;). I guess i will surprise them or something, just wanna make their day special! Wink.

Monday, September 24, 2012

BagBlaze “Bag of your Choice” Giveaway

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I must admit i am a certified handbags fanatic, I adores purses! I guess it's a woman thing my husband keep asking why i buy bags where in i have plenty already! I told him that i just can't get enough you know, haha! Every time styles changes and of course we wanted them, that's why come and join this handbag giveaway, if you are bags lover out there, this could be yours! I wanted a new bag so i am joining this giveaway! Wink!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quick update

Before going over a stainless steel tube bending review, I have to sit down with my computer and share some updates with the wedding yesterday. Yes, finally the months of waiting has come to an end. Everyone in the family was happy and excited from yesterday afternoon, when the groom and the bride made their vows, everyone got emotional and teary eyed of course yours truly is top of the list, well i can't help it but to remembered our moments that we said I Do's. The day before the big day, we went to the venue and had a rehearsal, then the in-laws took her to the mall and grab some extras for the wedding and then had a sumptuous dinner together at Ruby Tuesday. We have been so busy the past weeks and yesterday indeed was the day! Now back to reality! Good morning y'all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At The U.S. Space & Rocket Center Alabama


We had this memorable time in Alabama at the U.S space and rocket center last winter. That was my first time to explored a space museum, kids and I had a blast seeing those humongous rockets and spaceships that our Astronauts used when they first landed on the moon and so on from Apollos to Apollos, lol. Showcasing of different kinds of artifacts and achievements of our world renowned heroes of all time.

~ Our future  astronauts~  I loved it! He offered himself to go inside a booth where you dropped 5 dollar bill and it will take a picture of you wearing a space suit, thought that is really cool~

I passed along a tunnel of a spaceship body part where the engines and mechanical stuff are located! It is a real one and preserved! So feeling like an astronaut girl as if! LOL. 

Accordingly, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center has one of the most extensive collections of space artifacts and displays more than 1500 pieces. Displays include rockets, engines, spacecraft, simulators, and hands-on exhibits. I saw a simulator and almost got in to try however i wasn't able to because my son wanted to go with me and there's an age limit. That was really one great experienced, we thinking to go back there sometime soon for my son's field trip i look forward to it!  

How about you guys have you been to a space museum yet? If so, share your experience to us also would love to hear about it here! Wink!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

St. Augustine, FL


Going to Florida is such a fun experienced! We haven't explore the entire state yet but we plan to do so whenever we move really soon there for good this time. I am so thrilled and anxious when that day comes because i want to go visit again to this town in north east of Florida. I have to say one of the awesome town I've ever seen! St. Augustine or San Agustin in Spanish is indeed a historical place. One of the oldest town that the Spaniards ever landed in the USA, it was first explored in early 1513 to late fifteenth hundred.

I was really ecstatic and excited upon entering the town, feeling you are in an old town with lots of magnificent historical buildings and monuments! That structures on the above picture is the first one thing to welcome you while heading to the beautiful bridge ahead. You can see the preservation of old town,  the old seaport is still intact and became the heart of the city tourist and visitors loves to see it up close and personal. Also the marina bay view has the ancient pirates boats display and lots more to discover! The historical town was pack that day, they have the museum of Ripley's Believe It or Not! Trolleys around downtown squares for easy tours, you can just parked your car and a trolley awaits you! Can spend the entire day roaming, strolling, sight seeing and picture taking! Can't wait to visit with families there again i bet they will having so much fun! I tell you so much to see and do... there's no way you gonna get bored in St. Augustine, Florida! Well, enough said the pictures speak for it self! Wink.

Saturday, September 15, 2012



I always had this fancy towards watches ever since. Aside from shoes and purses, a nice, unique watch is always present in my list. These days though, I haven't bought a new one for myself. So when I saw this unique, leopard print fashionable watch, yeah the one above I thought "I'd like to have that!" It kinda looks like a bangle so it will serve a double purpose. It's indeed one fine accesory any girl would love to include to her collection. But then I want to share the happiness so I'm giving another one to a friend. I'd like it to be you so kindly join the giveaway am hosting.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bloggers Wanted ~ LG Smart Magic Bigscreen Event


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nice guitars

Tennessee is the home of country music and true to it, we have so many real talented musicians here. If you go down town, you will also see a lot of music shops that has everything and anything when it comes to music. They say that kids here are being taught from an early age how to play instruments, first-rate guitars in particular. No wonder a lot of famous musicians we know are from TN and yes, they are really gifted when it comes to playing nice guitars. It makes me think, since the kids are true blooded Tennesseans, there’s a huge possibility for them to be musicians. That’s of course need nurture and development. Winks!

Survivor : Philippines


I've watched every seasons and episode of Survivor since they first started! I remember the hunk Colby and sexy Jerri they're the two famous casts of that season The Australian Outback so since then i am a fanatic of this reality TV show. For sure everyone knows that the latest and newest season is in the Philippines! how cool is that? I am so thrilled and very much excited about this and looking forward for the premiere on September 19!! We should be proud that our country got the opportunity to be part of the famous survivor show! One more thing i look forward to the place where they've shoot the games and activities, i learned that the production hired more or less 400 Filipinos to be part of the said show. So in that period of time imagine how busy those people were! Mark your calendar guys and don't miss out! ^-^

Going back to school

A good friend of mine told me about her plans of going back to school, nursing school in particular. She already inquired with several schools and I’m quite sure, soon enough she’ll be wearing those nurses uniforms, I know she always wanted to be a nurse ever since, way back in the Philippines. But then like me she got married and had kids of her own and right now working part time. I guess when you want it the most, you really can find ways to reach a goal though not automatically. And that’s what she’s up to right now, on her way to realizing her long time dream becoming a nurse. She'll be thrilled wearing those uniforms, for sure it’ll look good on her!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Skywatch Friday,Season 6,Episode 9


My skywatch Friday entry. Taken in Sebastian inlet, Florida.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lets talk business!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Florida's best place to go fishing!


One of the Americas best destination to go fishing is in Sebastian Inlet, also part of it is the Indian river lagoon where you can find 7 species of seagrasses that found in Florida, and one third of manatee population can be found here! When we went to the inlet to check where the good spot to fish we have saw several manatee though they are so quick so haven't get a chance to take a good shot! So if you are in Florida and fond of going somewhere don't miss this beautiful breath taking inlet at Sebastian sure you will have the fun of your life!