Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At West Palm Beach, FL


We had 2 days circuit assembly and it was held at this beautiful convention at West Palm Beach Florida! The place is amazingly breath talking, it is privately by the watchtower society our head office of JW's. We're so happy to see and meet our brothers and sister's in-faith once again to this beautiful place of worshiped! I just loved the foundation of the building it is pyramid like shape and the inside is humongous with all the modern and contemporary look. Great job guys!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Be Naturally Beautiful with Mia Mariu - Review and Giveaway


Nothing beats natural beauty and every one of us is gifted in a different kind of way. But all of us need a little bit of this and a little bit of that to enhance what is given. For us ladies, we have our variety of makeup and if you ask me what is my favorite, I have to say this time, it’s Mia Mariu! You see, I don’t like makeup that makes you look like a phony person because it’s too thick and bulky. So I always go for mineral makeup because it gives you that natural, radiant look. And that’s exactly what Mia Mariu is, they provide a complete skin care and beauty line, and even health supplements.

Just any other girl, I was smiling when I got those treats above. I love the Mineral Eye shadow duo, much more because it comes in neutral shade. It’s such a perfect addition to my simple makeup kit. I don’t use eyeliners that much not because I don’t like it but because I don’t know how to apply the pro way, lol! Seriously, I got to learn because eyeliners make beautiful eyes. Oh well as long as I have my favorite lip gloss, I’d be fine! I really like it because it makes the lips plumper with that dazzling shine, without that sticky and gluey feeling. If you haven’t tried Mia Mariu yet, you’d better! Really, it’s for keeps.

That's why i am hosting a Mia Mariu products. One participant get the opportunity to win same product shown on the picture or the winner will get to choose their color! So i am inviting you to come and join!

The giveaway starts tomorrow November 19th and ends on November 29th 2012.

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Disclaimer: Kurdapya Meets World is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it. US residents only.

Windy yet Sunny Sunday


The view speak it self, doesn't it? Today was windy but we haven't miss to go out for a ride and spend couple hours at the park in Vero Beach. I so falling in love with this place here, just perfect, beautiful places, gorgeous beaches and breath taking parks! before leaving i asked the hubs to take me a shot with the stunning background. Twas breezy yet sunny... just perfectly right!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The biggest grasshopper I've ever seen


Families are busy on the yard and so happened brother in-law caught a grasshopper not just a typical one but it is humongous!! It's like as big as man's thumb or a bit bigger! They said this is very common in Florida bugs as big as your finger! It's neat though, my first and maybe not the last to see this stuff!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Yea am proud to be Floridian in no time! We finally moved to Florida, one reason i am so behind on my blogging thingy these days is because we are busy of moving stuff here and there! Just a quick update here friends. I will make up sometime here pretty soon, will do some joy rides in the next coming days and share it to you the new places and views I've seen here in the beautiful sunshine state! Just can't wait to get settled in so soon! Have good weekend y'all!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Spotlight on: Soldeu

Nestled in the principality of Andorra, Soldeu acts primarily as a ski resort during the winter months, attracting thousands of visitors from across Europe. It’s understandable why people keep returning to this beautiful destination, with its skiing and snowboarding opportunities suitable for all proficiencies and competitive prices. Why not treat your family this winter and book one of the ski holidays 2013 has to offer in this picturesque Pyrenees village?

Home to some of the best accommodation that Andorra has to offer, Soldeu is part of the 205km Grandvalira area, all easily accessible via gondola lift. If you’re learning the ropes, head for the nursery slopes at the top of the gondola for easy pistes or enrol in one of the reputable ski schools in the area for some quality tuition. If you’re hoping to ride the powder or show off your moves, the snow park in neighbouring El Tartar is an awesome place for it.

Take a moment to capture the breathtaking views that await you or enjoy the luxurious Caldea Spa at Andorra La Vella. The apr├Ęs-ski opportunities and nightlife are rife, perfect for any party animal who wants to enjoy their evenings away from the piste.

If you’re not a fan of the winter climes or the thought of putting your life into two strips of plastic, Soldeu offers a multitude of summer activities for the outdoors enthusiast, including Europe walking holidays, hiking and mountain bike trails. With its relaxed outlook on life, there is nothing better than this resort to chill out and relax away from the humdrum of everyday life.

Explore the Incles Valley, home to Lake Juclar that is perfect for canoeing. Enjoy a round of golf at Europe’s highest golf course or head to the Grandvalira Family Park and sample a whole host of activities to keep you busy for the entire day, including horse riding and climbing.

Book your visit to Soldeu and get ready for a vacation jam packed with outdoor pursuits which will leave you revitalised and energetic. Find great offers online today.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Headed up to Florida


We just got here finally after 17 hours of slowly and steady driving along with bro and sis in law. We had to convoy each others vehicle for a reason. Bringing up husband's truck wasn't easy at all even it was the easiest way to hauled it. However, we managed it by the help of his bro's truck. Anyway, this was when i got so bored and can not wait to arrive to our destination. Thought of doing some silly stuff including taking photos of feet just stretching those tiring legs in the beautiful blue sky background! lol.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Galapagos Cruising

How does cruising sounds? Getting on a luxury ship spurge the interest of many especially nowadays that it has been more budget-friendly. Besides, a lot of shipping companies offer so many options when it comes to cost and the kind of getaway. I'm one of those wishing to experience how is it like getting on board a cruise ship, especially on times when I'm wandering at different websites that promotes it. For example, you can take a tour via MV Galapagos Explorer II and be amazed by the beauty and natural wonders of the famous Galapagos Island. As we know, the island is home of the best natural reserves in the planet such as marine life, flora and fauna. Imagine being able to snorkel in the crystal blue waters or try the glass bottom boat which is available for all passengers of the Galapagos cruise ship. It's when you get to have a close encounter of the marine reserves of the Galapagos, sure thing that would be amazing, just breath-taking!

When on a cruise ship, the things-to-do and the experience itself is just about as endless as the vast sea. If you have tried cruising, be grateful, if not yet then you might wanna visit GalapagosExplorer's website and see what they have in store for you.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bon voyage!


Bon voyage to my SIL and family! Today is the day when they go move to Fl. For sure they are excited and thrilled and main reason they get to see our folks who is already there 3 months ago! Been so busy loading their stuff and husband was there to help his sister and her family. I am also busy here, because we are next to move pretty soon. Moving is really stressing but knowing you will get settled there and start a new journey is pretty much anticipation. I can not wait when our time to loads our stuff and am counting the days for that. Well, have a safe trip to you guys!