Friday, December 28, 2012

Hammock Ranting


I would really love to have his hammock on to our backyard right now. See the the place i wanted it to be? Perfect isn't it! I have 2 palm trees facing each other and just right to hang the rope hammock. It will make my relaxing time more relaxing while watching the kids play out side the backyard huh! Will gonna go see on local store if they have stock available because when checking online they have. I am so looking forward to hang one up those palm trees! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sure you got it right!

I am talking about a friend, am kinda helping her understand and assist about annuity issues she is facing right now. Well, she just got an inheritance from her deceased husband and trying to figure out everything. As a friend i am her to help as much as i can and good thing i have a little idea about this stuff because my dad used to work in this field. So anyhow, I thought of annuity is an annual payment or income from certain individual. So without further ado i told her to check, this is the best place to find rates, quotes, information and tools for all she needs. It better to go to a professionals when it comes to stuff like this. This is one stop shopping for all her annuity related thingy so that she sure get it right! Wink!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Treasure Cost Corridor


What i love about the new place we're residing in right now is the abundant of fruits of all varieties. Talking about watermelon all year round, fresh oranges from their own orange groves plantation, organic strawberries, sweet giant peaches and for the summer the sweet yellow mangoes. The place where i usually visits and check what are fresh produce and fruits they've got! Prices are always cheap and budget friendly. You can find this market place along the corridor of Sebastian. I tell you exactly, their stuff are wonderful, healthy and affordable. Just happy to moved here! Wink. 

Rude Mom's 10,000 Facebook Fan Celebration Giveaway


Yes you heard it right! In celebration of her success she is delighted to share to all of us a giveaway. Winners will get special prizes which includes cash and things! How cool is that? So without further ado...

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Friday, December 14, 2012

AT Flagler Beach, FL


Taken during our second trip to Florida and we spent more than 3 weeks up here last August until September. When we headed up home to Tennessee, the husband decided to drove along the coastal line of Atlantic ocean. Though it is a lil bit longer driving but after seeing all those beautiful beaches and sceneries, hey all worth the drive for! You forgot the tiring moment.

Literally 20 to 50 feet across the shore at Flagler beach that's before cocoa beach if i am not forgotten. They have this long pier all the way and learned it is good fishing area.

 Loving the smell of the corals and fishy smells around the corridor, lol. The breeze just felt relaxing!

 This is the pier of that place. It would be nice to go fishing there one day!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rude Mom's 10,000 Facebook Fan Celebration


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Monday, December 10, 2012

My True Nature! Baby Product Review and Giveaway

How are you guys? We are still in hectic phase right now, as you probably already know we just moved into a new place. Things are beautiful here, I just love the weather! When other parts of the country start to feel the cold breeze, here we still have Mr. Sun shining so bright. It is very inviting to go outside and wander. The kids, oh the kids, they’re unstoppable! The other day, they went out and played with their cousins. They made huge drawings in the pathway and run here and there. Imagine how dirty and sweaty they can get huh! Well thankfully I have my partners with me, for them to become sweet-smelling babies again, lol!

My True Nature had us try their bath products and my kids and I, we just love it! The My True Nature travel set are wonderful. The company’s goal is to provide bath products for kids that are safe, gentle and fun for them. That is why all their bath and body products are all natural and organic. The bottles are even 100% FDA approved, yes, that how safe their products are! Another thing is the fun names such as Clio’s super soft lotion, Dewey’s bubbly-bubble bath, Daisy’s shampoo and body wash and Super Sudsy hand soap. With their names alone, kids will feel like bathing with their best buds isn't it? Well, I can only expect more playtime moments here in the Sunshine State. No worries, for as long as bath time is fun time, my kids will always smell like babies! Winks!

On a second note, I am hosting a giveaway for US residents and one lucky mom and babies/toddlers will get to try the combo travel set pack of "My True Nature - includes a 4oz bottle of Dewey's Bubble Bath and a 4oz bottle of Daisy's 2-in-1 Shampoo/Body Wash. The giveaway starts today December 10th and ends on December 31th 2012 a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion. Kurdapya Meets World is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it. US residents only.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Sometimes I wonder why people still smoke despite the clear cut warnings about the use of tobacco products. Here in the states, the packaging itself of some tobacco products is an obvious alert on why one should stop or at least minimized smoking. Some products are also expensive like a certain rocky patel vintage 1992 cigar but many still can’t miss it. Well maybe because it has been a part of their system already, and the struggle to stop smoking is easier said than done. Little wonder too that many people nowadays are going for so called healthy alternative to smoking, eCigarette they mean.

Headed to Beach


Slept in a lil bit on Saturday morning isn't bad at all after the long weekdays of workloads, it is always nice to just slow down and take it easy. Taken at the ocean side Vero Beach.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sister’s eyes

The last time I chatted with sissy, she was still complaining about her eyes, that it’s so stressed from too much time spending in front of the computer. It’s has always been her issue ever since she started working online. The thing now is that she’s constantly having blisters in her eyes now and accordingly painful and such a hassle. I think she’ll getting eyeglasses pretty soon but I also told her to check the monitor mount. Because I read somewhere that proper eye level with your monitor helps prevent eye strain and also neck fatigue. Oh sure she needs a cure, it’s not just a hassle, it’s unpleasant too haha!

McKee Botanical Garden


Really thought it is Saturday morning today, well maybe just because i am super anxious to go to this beautiful garden here in our place. At McKee botanical garden as the name is! I hear lots of nicest stuff in this unique tropical setting and historic place and landmark here in Vero Beach.

Let the name alone really defines whats awaits us inside. My PIL went their once and they told me that the garden is the coolest thing, numbers of things to look at, lots of unique and well taken care plants and flowers, and to mentioned more, the landscape designs are outstanding. Events are held here, weddings, parties, receptions, private events and more! Boy! no wonder i am so excited to visit here tomorrow and thought it is today... duh! lol.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wall Plaques

“Organized People are just too Lazy to Look for Things.” Exactly! Was trying to find wall plaques for the entrance door, that gold leaf something, but then I saw this quote I thought, this one is better! Alright let me get this clear, the words above are just among the many decorative wall plaques at The Garden Gates. Just when you think wall plaques are very traditional, theirs are not. They have lots of witty and cool wall hangings with inspiring quotes that can serve as a reminder. The onset is an example. That’s what I like being organized, you don’t need to look for things because they are there already in their proper place. To keep up is another thing though, especially when you have kids, lol!

A Canopy like streets


Gorgeous isn't it? One thing i loved about this state is because you can all kinds of different trees around the streets or subs. There are bending trees, curving coconuts and all that stuff. Some streets the trees are like this on the photo, it's like a Canopy looking, it covers the entire drive ways and it is really cool when the sunshine get through under!


I’m quite unhappy with our Internet connection now and it sucks because my online duties are compromised. The weird thing is, when am working, it’s slow like molasses but nothing seems wrong on plain browsing. So I often caught myself, instead of working, doing random things in the net like peeking at Pinterest. This website has been a favorite, you know why, lol! Anyway, looking at the brighter side, through Pinterest I came across triangle direct. It’s work related so I might as well find out more about it. It is an agency that markets and serving small and big businesses. They have actually the marketing techniques that really interest me to check them out! Wink.

Disney's Arts of Animation Resort in Orlando Florida


I am getting so excited and i just can't hide! lol i know it's taglines from a song but that is how i am feeling today. The hubs confirmed that early next year we are going for a vacation to Disney world in Orlando, Florida! A hour and a half drive from our place. And so, i am checking the best accommodation ever that fits our budget. This is the resort we really unanimously thought to spend five (5) nights and six (6) days planned up there! The arts of animation resorts where in just open last early summer of this year which means the stuff are all brand new! I fell in love with the Ariel theme and the cars theme, our  daughter and son's favorite cartoon characters. There are so much to do on that place besides going to actual Disney world parks! The hotel have 2000 rooms for guests,how cool is that? it is indeed huge! Can't wait, super! Yikes!

Hats for summer


I would love to own at least these 4 collection of hats for summer season. It's perfect for the beach or just strolls around the beach. Actually been looking for fashionable hats that i could wear this coming spring and summer. Luckily found a site that has the widest selection of trendy hats ever! Name it you can find it, from colors to style such as for instance the Black Fedora Hats or the red straw hats for women. You can also check their cowgirl and leather hats too! Check them out as you will get enjoy shopping their stuff! I will definitely getting those favorites choices of mine sometime soon! 

Night joy ride


What a beautiful full moon indeed, that the first words i said when that night we saw it. We had dinner at Sonny's BBQ and grill then after we're all stuffed we thought of going for a joy ride in ocean side so we did. Went around the city and bumped to this beautiful hotel Costa D'Este hotel and resort at Vero Beach, the street are so stunning with those city lights and palm tress all over the downtown square. They have a park where you can have dinner overlooking ocean. So gorgeous really, more so with the full bright moon! Ahhh so relaxing! I think that's one best joy ride ever since we got here in Florida. Will do it again! Wink.

~The Costa D'Este Hotel and Beach Resort~ You can check them out here and see for your self the amazing hotel offers to the public. I learned that weddings are most likely happening here all year long because of its romantic place and outstanding scenarios. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Kids Frecklebox : Product Review and Giveaway


The thing with working at home, your kids will get that picture of you and your job. My kids see me everyday getting online, it’s funny when they react to pictures I post in my blogs or when they see me unpacked stuff from product reviews and stuff. They’re pretty sure that when mommy has goodies, there’s always something for them as well. Oh yes, they were all smiles when their personalized gifts for kids arrived, a lunch box for the little missy and a coin bank for the big boy.

I am fortunate to take the opportunity to have these to review. I loved how have their names engraved in it. The personalized lunch boxes gives them the feeling that those are really made especially for them. The girl carries it around with all her favorite stuff inside, like crayons, candies and goodies. The boy had it placed on top of his desk where he does all his school stuff and assignments. He is learning how to save money for his toys, lol.

Moms out there, personalized items are sure way to make the kids happy, along with lots of love and care of course! That's why with out further said i am hosting a giveaway of frecklebox products for your little ones. One participant get the opportunity to win their customize any items up to $40 of their choice! So i am inviting you to come and join!

 The giveaway starts today December 3rd and ends on December 30th 2012. a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion. Kurdapya Meets World is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it. US residents only.