Thursday, January 24, 2013

Asian Store

Another one reason why i love our new place right now is because in just 10 minutes drive i can go and get my Filipino stuff anytime i wanted to. It's so hard before when we're living in Tennessee. We have to drive like an hour and half just to get something in Nashville where's the World Market  is located and so in order to go we need to plan ahead of time. Apparently i have to get lists of stuff so out trip won't be wasted. However now, it's all good. Last night i craved pinoy stuff again in particular the lumpia or spring rolls so i asked the bana to drive me there after work. Grabbed two (2) packs of lumpia wrappers, and saw some egg plants, bitter melon (ampalaya), my favorite fish GG, bean sprout (monggo kresido) and a pack of mung beans that my husband and kids loves. Another thing, Mingala Asian store is way cheaper than in the local grocery store and above all i can pick whatever pinoy goodies i want. Ohh i just love that store from the start i found it! Happy camper!


Melgie Campbell said...

Nice stuffs, I love Filipino food and from where I lived its hard to find that GG fish:) I'm following your blog:)

Sarah Park said...

Filipino dishes are incomparable. I love the galunggong and ampalaya.