Monday, January 28, 2013

Fancy over ATVs

There’s one person I know who is so drooling over ATVs, the kind of vehicle that’s so tough-looking, rigid, and with an attitude. My sister, if you are to ask her what’s her dream car, her straight answer would be an ATV! All terrain vehicles are mostly designed for recreation, it has large tires and use over road less, rugged terrains. She’s someone who loves road trips, and accordingly an ATV would be the best companion for a dream cross country joyride. Oh well, it’ just a wishful thinking for my sister but you know what, am sure she’ll find this link about ATV and UTVs very interesting.

I came across Bennch, if ATV is your thing, it’s the place for you to be. They actually have all the best-looking and high-performing ATVs you can imagine! You want a Gray Wolf 700 or a Gray Wolf 500? How about a Spire or a Bighorn? For peeps who love to feel the adrenalin rush, a ride with this kind of vehicle will never fail to give you the thrill. Imagine down the slopes and sand dunes, across rivers and streams, just plain awesome! Would you be the driver or the passenger seat’s way better? I can’t imagine myself in that kind of trail but knowing my sister, she’ll love to! She’d be all smiles, screaming on top of her lungs, enjoying every bit of it.

I don’t know much about ATVs, their features, performance and all so I will just share with you some pictures from no less than Bennche. Even the photos alone spells adventure and thrill already, don’t they?

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