Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missing Parks

We haven't been to these parks in awhile lately. Got lots of stuff going on lately even in the weekend both of us are busy to take them to this amazing parks we visited. Our place got quite a few of parks and recreational places around but these three (3) are the best for me so far. Kids having fun so much, plus close to the beach like 5 feet you can just go to the board walk and can smell the ocean breeze. We might take them this weekend if nothing come up. This passed few weeks been busy in baking you know.

I need new photos anyways to share, so will definitely put on the priority lists when weekend arrive. Wink!

1 comment:

Sarah Park said...

Your kids will surely be thrilled to know you'd take them to the park. This is the place where kids will feel so carefree and alive.