Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Save Money and Time with Heathrow Parking

After many people book a flight, the next thing they think about is where they will park their vehicle. Heathrow provides many different parking lot options for its airport guests, but not all of them will provide the services you seek for the money you want to spend. This is why it’s important to find a way to check available parking options before your trip. That way you can get to Heathrow, park, and catch your flight with ease.

Heathrow Parking Options

On the website,, you will find a search engine that will enable you to find either park and ride or meet and greet parking options. If you’re unsure of which one you should choose, consider these benefits of each.

Park and Ride

Many people choose this option because they enjoy knowing where their car is located while they are out of town. They want to handle their own luggage, and take it on a shuttle to the airport. The process is quite easy because the shuttle stops are close to each of the park and ride lots. All you would need to do is wait a few minutes, and you’ll be off on your way to your airline’s terminal.

Meet and Greet

The meet and greet parking lot option is for people who don’t enjoy driving around looking for a spot to park their vehicle. They like to drive into a lot, open their door, hand over their valet key, and walk inside of the airport. They enjoy knowing that they didn’t have to make a separate trip of getting on a shuttle to be transported to the airport, but instead just drove right up to it in the comfort of their own vehicle.

The Choice Is Yours

You may be a park and ride type of person, or you may be a meet and greet type of person. Whatever the case may be, you can find the parking option you most desire for the best price on the best resource online for parking at Heathrow.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Main Street Vero Beach Event


This what happened to our downtown last night. For sure it was fun. The husband and BIL got the chance to display the custom furniture he created particular his Adirondack Chairs. They got all kinds of display last night so he signed up for his booth and we got lots of great response, they love the chairs and getting orders pretty soon. The event also have great music, unlimited drinks such as beers and good food. it was a fantastic night ever! I heard a group talking and one mentioned about on a very interesting topic... A love inspects the distorted promise, Somewhat like that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lobster Shanty - Vero beach Florida


Come by visit this place when you are in Florida!

Ok what i've got here? I just discover a new seafood restaurant here in our new place to visit soon! I can not wait for sure to come by and have some food tasting with my hubs one of these days! I learned they are one of the best seafood you could find here in Florida. Serving the very best seafood money can buy. They're freshly made and the lobster come right from the ocean and serve it to your table! How goodness is that? lol. Plus they are right from the ocean view! Over looking sunset and ocean breeze. A beautiful restaurant right on the Indian River with daily dolphin and manatees sightings. I agree with that, because whenever we go fishing we saw dolphins swimming close by just a sight away! Talking about 20 foot away huh!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wardrobe Additions from 10dollarmall : Review


Okay so I don’t have plans to shop but I got these lovely additions to my wardrobe, lucky me? Yes, and you can be too. I still remember the day I was looking for wholesale dresses, bags and of course shoes. My goal was to find a fashion-friendly website wherein girls can shop for scene stealer outfits and accessories without breaking their pocket. I was not disappointed and my latest grabs are the goodies you see below.

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So, let’s talk about the dress. This one I got is a magenta and orange dress for $9.99 only. I just love the vibrant colors and the asymmetrical design which gives the illusion of a slimmer figure, (but I really did dropped some lbs, yay!) Also, the spandex fabric contours to a woman’s natural curves, for an effortless flair that’s not hard to achieve. I also got this black and red cow neck top for $4.99 was on sale. For that price you can't never go wrong because as you can see i wore it two different looks! One for daily/casual look and opted the bottom to skirt for formal or dinner night date outfit with matching stiletto heels! Just mix, match and you're good to go!

Then, as for the shoes, who can go wrong with nude shoes? I have a fancy over this color nowadays, it’s so feminine yet tough, delicate yet sexy. Paired with a purse with the same shade, makes me picture ready, lol! Girls, we don’t have to break a bank to be in style. There are lots of great deals, yup they’re just a click away! Head to their store and you will really see the jaw dropping prices that so unbeatable! They are really nice clothes, accessories from women, men and kids all under $10! How cool is that? huh! Wink!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

Winter Wonderland from New Jersey


Isn't it gorgeous? One reason why i love winter season! Because of the beautiful whitey snow that blanketed everything! The cotton smooth foamy feeling is awesome! I've indeed miss this kind of scenario when we used to live back up in Tennessee, I experienced the thick pretty snow twice in that state. However, this time i can only glance through my friend's photos. She lives up north in New Jersey with her husband and two adorable super cute boys! I was enjoying viewing their latest pictures. Sure they having fun right now while winter is not over yet. We all know up there snows are thick and heavy during this time of the year. And for that we all know people are taking the most of their time skiing, sliding and feeling the beauty of it!

This is close where they live and look how pretty that is! Just can't get enough! Wish to see her someday! Thank you for the wonderful pics my dearest! Wink!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cush 'n Go by Baby BeeHaven - Review and Giveaway!


One thing I love about my online job is that I get to thank merchants for coming up with products that are really of use, not just for me but for my dear ones as well. My recent find is Cush ‘n Go memory foam stroller cushion for the little Missy and I have to say it, this one rocks! I know how it is to travel cross country, the long hours spent riding a car is not easy at all. Back and neck pain, butt hurts, plus the inconvenience that comes during a long travel. It’s not easy for adults, what more for children? So I thought a stroller cushion that is much more supportive and comfortable for the kids is a must-have!

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Happily, Cush ‘n Go came our way and now the little Missy has her super cute, pink car seat cushion from Baby-Bee Haven. I also love the reversible because it's fashionable leopard print, who doesn't like that huh?  This product is recommended by professionals why, because of its features and benefits listed below.

-Soft and stylish support for baby’s back, neck and head.
-High quality memory foam conforms to the child’s head, decreasing the risk of flat-head syndrome.
-Reversible and machine washable.

Moms out there, if you want to give your child the best seat when she is outside your house, this one is a good choice. Also available Cush ‘n Go for the boys and other stuff to choose from. That's why i am hosting a Baby BeeHaven Giveaway! One mom and kid get the chance to win the lucky prize by simply participating my giveaway. Surely, you would love it!

This Giveaway starts today February 10th until February 28th 2013. Open to US residents. a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion. Kurdapya Meets World is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lake Wales River Ranch Park, FL


Where Should We Get Married?

You found someone with which you’d like to spend the rest of your life. You’ve already gotten engaged, and you’re ready to set the date. One decision remains – where do you get married? If you are in this predicament, don’t worry, so are most newly engaged couples. Your marriage will be a celebration that you will remember for the rest of your life. You certainly both want to make it a special experience in a special location. How do you decide where?

Questions to Determine an Ideal Location

Since you have every romantic location on the planet to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the decision making process and arrive on a single location. However, this is certainly possible. Below are some ways to reduce your options and make the decision process easier:

  •  Do you want a traditional wedding? If so, you will need a location with plenty of churches and traditional venues to choose from. Major European and American cities will be ideal for these types of weddings. 
  • Would you like to be around nature? There are hundreds of ideal wedding locations to choose from, each with their own unique scenery available. Some Niagara Falls best hotels have incredible honeymoon suites with a view of the falls. 
  • How many people would you like to attend? If you expect the majority of your friends and family to attend, you will need to choose a location that is nearby your home town. Otherwise, you will need to give enough warning to allow people to plan a trip. 

Take Your Time When Deciding After you choose the city, or country, in which you’d like to wed, you will also have to decide on the venue. There is no rush when making either of these decisions. Even though you may be in a hurry to get married, take your time to plan the perfect wedding. You will be forever grateful that you put a lot of effort into the ceremony and didn’t rush it.

River Ranch Attraction


Last weekend Saturday, I met my very close friend of 8 years in Lake Wales, Florida. It's an hour drive from Vero Beach. But it was our second time we met in person since 2006. She visited me first last month and thought of visiting her place the next time we had a transaction. Anyway, her place was fantastic! She lives by the beautiful lake one of the fishing ground of fresh water fish here in sunshine state. After seeing her, we quickly drove by to this cool and huge tourist attraction in the area. The River Ranch Park. It is consider as the world's largest dude ranch. This sign is just the first welcome public. It has the longest welcome driveway all the way to the actual park.

Meanwhile, this is the second and the main entrance of the entire ranch. It is indeed the best place to go camping, horse back riding, golfing, fishing, flying and more! They have all kinds of recreational building too, gift shops, two restaurants and it was so smelling goodness when we passed by there, lol. I loved the accommodation they have inside, from cabin to villas. If you happened to come by here, must go to this park! I am pretty sure you will enjoy the entire time. More inside photos will follow shortly!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Just like most of us, I am also waiting and so looking forward for the refund. LOL! It’s good because our state isn’t like other states, friendlier and fair here. It also helped because we started early and we got to sort all the papers and requirements, it does avoid headache. But I’m pretty sad about my friend who is still having issues with her refund. Now she decided to try raleigh accountant instead and have it done with no hassle and fuss, it should be really fast too cause that’s what these accounting offices’ does best. Good decision friend!

World's most beautiful horse


The picture speak it self! Indeed it is a beautiful horse of all. It was announced not so long ago that Turkey got the title of the most beautiful horse in the planet. I myself so amazed. Just do your search for the whole story. Wink!

Monday, February 4, 2013

On air purifiers

I’ve been thinking of sending air purifier back home, something like hepa home air purifiers but I still don’t have a clue about the price. Why because my sister has asthma and mom got allergic rhinitis, they always find themselves catching colds, worst flu. Air purifiers are really helpful, they make the air cleaner and easier to breathe on home and offices. I want the portable type, it’s small but it removes particulates and odors big time. I assumed this kind is cheaper too, and is easier for handling purposes. I will check on it later. Winks!