Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lobster Shanty - Vero beach Florida

Come by visit this place when you are in Florida!

Ok what i've got here? I just discover a new seafood restaurant here in our new place to visit soon! I can not wait for sure to come by and have some food tasting with my hubs one of these days! I learned they are one of the best seafood you could find here in Florida. Serving the very best seafood money can buy. They're freshly made and the lobster come right from the ocean and serve it to your table! How goodness is that? lol. Plus they are right from the ocean view! Over looking sunset and ocean breeze. A beautiful restaurant right on the Indian River with daily dolphin and manatees sightings. I agree with that, because whenever we go fishing we saw dolphins swimming close by just a sight away! Talking about 20 foot away huh!

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Sarah Park said...

Fresh seafood plus that beautiful panoramic view equals a sumptuous meal indeed.