Saturday, February 9, 2013

River Ranch Attraction

Last weekend Saturday, I met my very close friend of 8 years in Lake Wales, Florida. It's an hour drive from Vero Beach. But it was our second time we met in person since 2006. She visited me first last month and thought of visiting her place the next time we had a transaction. Anyway, her place was fantastic! She lives by the beautiful lake one of the fishing ground of fresh water fish here in sunshine state. After seeing her, we quickly drove by to this cool and huge tourist attraction in the area. The River Ranch Park. It is consider as the world's largest dude ranch. This sign is just the first welcome public. It has the longest welcome driveway all the way to the actual park.

Meanwhile, this is the second and the main entrance of the entire ranch. It is indeed the best place to go camping, horse back riding, golfing, fishing, flying and more! They have all kinds of recreational building too, gift shops, two restaurants and it was so smelling goodness when we passed by there, lol. I loved the accommodation they have inside, from cabin to villas. If you happened to come by here, must go to this park! I am pretty sure you will enjoy the entire time. More inside photos will follow shortly!

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