Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Save Money and Time with Heathrow Parking

After many people book a flight, the next thing they think about is where they will park their vehicle. Heathrow provides many different parking lot options for its airport guests, but not all of them will provide the services you seek for the money you want to spend. This is why it’s important to find a way to check available parking options before your trip. That way you can get to Heathrow, park, and catch your flight with ease.

Heathrow Parking Options

On the website,, you will find a search engine that will enable you to find either park and ride or meet and greet parking options. If you’re unsure of which one you should choose, consider these benefits of each.

Park and Ride

Many people choose this option because they enjoy knowing where their car is located while they are out of town. They want to handle their own luggage, and take it on a shuttle to the airport. The process is quite easy because the shuttle stops are close to each of the park and ride lots. All you would need to do is wait a few minutes, and you’ll be off on your way to your airline’s terminal.

Meet and Greet

The meet and greet parking lot option is for people who don’t enjoy driving around looking for a spot to park their vehicle. They like to drive into a lot, open their door, hand over their valet key, and walk inside of the airport. They enjoy knowing that they didn’t have to make a separate trip of getting on a shuttle to be transported to the airport, but instead just drove right up to it in the comfort of their own vehicle.

The Choice Is Yours

You may be a park and ride type of person, or you may be a meet and greet type of person. Whatever the case may be, you can find the parking option you most desire for the best price on the best resource online for parking at Heathrow.

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