Saturday, February 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland from New Jersey

Isn't it gorgeous? One reason why i love winter season! Because of the beautiful whitey snow that blanketed everything! The cotton smooth foamy feeling is awesome! I've indeed miss this kind of scenario when we used to live back up in Tennessee, I experienced the thick pretty snow twice in that state. However, this time i can only glance through my friend's photos. She lives up north in New Jersey with her husband and two adorable super cute boys! I was enjoying viewing their latest pictures. Sure they having fun right now while winter is not over yet. We all know up there snows are thick and heavy during this time of the year. And for that we all know people are taking the most of their time skiing, sliding and feeling the beauty of it!

This is close where they live and look how pretty that is! Just can't get enough! Wish to see her someday! Thank you for the wonderful pics my dearest! Wink!

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Sarah Park said...

The snow is as beautiful as ever. Too bad we don't have that here.