Monday, March 25, 2013

Iron and Sleep

The other day I was chatting with sissy and she told me about the stress she’s getting with her job right now. She said it’s not that complicated though but the challenge is because it affects her sleep. Knowing her, she’s the wimpy kind who can’t stay up all night. But since she works on a night shift sometimes, there’s nothing she can do. I told her about a new product I recently came across with called floradix iron and herbs. It’s an all-fruit-and-vegetable iron tonic with vitamin C and b-complex that boost the energy and promotes sleep. Other iron supplements make sissy dizzy, this one, it makes sleeping a lot more sound and sweet.

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Dylann Andre said...

I also take iron supplements in order to get some good sleep along with a glass of milk. Fortunately, I am comfortable with any iron supplements even the generic ones.