Friday, March 8, 2013

Next Pit-Stop, FORT PIERCE, FL

 ~ Welcome to Fort Pierce, Florida~

 ~ Beautiful Fort Pierce Marina Bay~

~ Public Boats and Yacht Dock~

One of the busy city in FL. Fort Pierce is the center of St.Lucie county and i just learned it is known as the sunrise city, sisterhood of San Francisco, California known as the sunset city! There are quite a few things to do in here. Attractions includes this marina bay, the Backus museum and gallery, the aquarium place, the Historic Main Street, which i am very much excited because it is going to be our next pit stop to participate in their most anticipating event to be held annually by local organizers. We have our new line of business, the building of customized furniture and right now we are promoting our Adirondack chairs in close by cities also. So joining some popular events here and there is really important to us. So people here in Florida knows that they can buy quality chairs from us!

So anyways, It's gonna be 2 weekends from now and super excited about this seafood event. Lots of yummy seafood galore displays and crafts displays. We are so looking forward for it!

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