Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Place to visit in Tennessee


Tennessee known to be the volunteer state. There are quite a few things to keep you busy in TN while you are visiting there. Driving by to the most largest complex of flight simulation test facilities in the world. AEDC, is located in middle TN. When you came from Georgia don't miss to stop by to the area where you can sight seeing some of the largest jets and rockets displays you could ever imagine to see! They are real ones that was been used before years and years ago and preserved for the tourists to see. They are gigantic and massive piece of aircraft. As you go closer you feel so little behind those jets. One of the coolest thing i've ever seen as well a coolest place in middle TN. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Things to do in Las Vegas

~Vdara Hotel & Spa~
~Bellagio Hotel & Casino~

I have some relatives living in California and they're inviting us to come visit them. Really thought of it, though in just a matter of when situation. She as well thinking of us to head up  to Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the dream place i wanted to visit someday! As we all know Las Vegas is one of the famous, busiest and spectacular place on earth tourism wise! Millions of tourist across the world come and spend their vacations. There are so many things and attractions the city has to offer. If you are looking for full pleasure relaxation, well this is the right escape for you, your friends or family. The city is known to be for lavish gaming, shopping, and finest dining experience you could imagine. Moreover, to fulfill your perfect getaway to the city of Vegas, the Letsgo2 specialist is what you need for assistant on finding the Las Vegas holiday deals for you. Those photos above are just few of the great offers they provide. From wall-to-wall skyscraper buildings, prestigious resorts, spectacular hotels and restaurants, and not to mention the extravagant casinos and entertainments are all in one place!

Summer is fast approaching, why not start your planning ahead of time. They have plenty of special offers, package deals and more awaits you. For me, when time permits I would love and dreaming to go to Luxor where you can see the replica of Sphinx of Giza. I always love the history of the world, so i think that would be the coolest thing for us to stay! Wink.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The ENCHANTMENT Ring Giveaway

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For the second time - St. Augustine Florida

This was the second chance we drove around to St. Augustine, Florida. Went to Tennessee for a week, and when coming back thought of taking our time and just drive towards hwy 10 to Atlantic coastal line instead. It is stress free while driving by the ocean view and visiting to this historical place is worth the drive. Took some wonderful shots and did a lil bit of customized postcards look for keepsakes.

 ~ This beautiful and stunning building of st Augustine is where the City Hall, The Lightner Museum and the Alcazar Courtyard shop located. It is one of the magnificent structure I've ever seen so far.~

 ~ Another amazing structural building is the CASA MONICA Hotel. It is located in the main downtown square of st. Augustine, Florida. The place known to be the oldest city in Florida where the Spaniards settlers came and continuous occupied by European settlement. Visiting the city is worth while when you get to stroll around downtown and seeing breath taking jaw dropping scenery. One of the most gorgeous place I've been in my life!

 ~ CASA MONICA is one of the historical place to be. A hotel with plenty of history and arts. A must to stay accommodation up there! Trolleys are just one of the fun thing to do. You park your car and they take you roamed around downtown square. It is really cool. We definitely going back there in a month or so from now with the entire family and in-laws. Just the thought of it makes me jump up high! Love the scenery and can't get enough, lol.

This is the heart of the city. First thing will greet you when you come from the beautiful bridge.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Stretch Your Honeymoon Budget In Hawaii

When it comes to the world’s most beautiful places, the islands of Hawaii are certainly some of the most talked about holidaying hotspots. At over 2,000 miles away from any continent, Hawaii may seem like a long way to travel for some rest and recuperation, but once you get there, you’ll soon realise that the journey was well worth the effort. From the glorious climate to the exciting culture, millions of people visit Hawaii every year, and although the islands represent the pinnacle of Pacific Ocean luxury, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to have an amazing time.

Hawaii is one of the very few places that actually lives up to its heavenly description, and even though it’s one of the most popular destinations for American tourists, it remains as tranquil, idyllic and un-commercialised as when it was first discovered. The first European explorer to stumble across the Hawaii was Captain James Cook in 1778, however archaeological evidence suggests the Islands were first inhabited around 300AD.

When it comes to honeymooning, newlyweds are usually looking to stretch their money as far as possible. Although Hawaii will always be the playground for world’s rich and powerful, that doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable options for couples looking to enjoy their first weeks of marriage. From airfares to luxury accommodation, turn your holidaying dreams into reality by making best use of your honeymoon budget.

Choosing The Right Time To Travel

If you want to save as much money as possible on your honeymoon to Hawaii, then picking the right time to travel is essential. As the islands are very popular with American families, flights to Hawaii during school dates will ensure you get the lowest airfares.

If you fly between May and September – the dates where your children will be at school – you’ll be able to stretch your honeymoon budget furtherer while still benefitting from Hawaii’s amazing weather and exciting activities. From scuba diving to rock climbing, honeymooning while your kids are at schools remains one of the best ways to save money in Hawaii. Furthermore, if you fly mid-week, between Monday and Thursday, you’ll be able to avoid airline surcharges!

Stay Longer In One Place

Staying longer on one of the islands of Hawaii will also help you to pinch the pennies when honeymooning in Hawaii. Although the islands have many luxurious resorts, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all! This means you can stay in the same place while still seeing all the great elements of Hawaii. Additionally, if you show your loyalty to the same resort for longer than your expected stay, they’re more inclined to offer you one or two free night’s stay over the course of a week!


The island of Honolulu, compared to all of the other islands, is a lot cheaper, from accommodation to food, activities to historical tours. Furthermore, as Honolulu is a small island, you and your partner can walk everywhere, meaning there’s no need to rent a car – more savings!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


We were back to Port st. Lucie last weekend on April 6th supporting my bro and sis in-law's hot sauce business. They're one of the vendors who joined the wing festival that is held there annually. Twas a fun day and food galore and entertainment. That was the booth of the hot sauce, and lucky to know that it was chosen for this year's hot wing's competition. So exciting to watch the contestant was overwhelmed by the super duper hot stuff. My BIL made his own sauce and i tell you it was insanely HOT as in super FIERY, literally! LOL. Anyways, lots of food such as of course the chicken wings of all kinds, fried, grilled, sweet, dry rub and more! Pizzas for kids and all kinds of french fries too! On the other side was the kids corner with all the gigantic kids inflatable slide and jumpy castles. Just fun fun fun.

You never get tired of keep coming to this place. The civic center is indeed stunning location to come by. That event  another car shows held and plenty of super cool vintage cars showed up! And i also get the chance to took a quick shot on the biggest dog I've ever seen in my life as in up close and personal, the is like a size of a full grown daddy pig...lol! That was an awesome feeling actually! I am a fan of Beethoven the movies and the dog reminds me of him. Another, thing i was happy about that day, was i got to taste the famous Churros ever! It was really really good! Wish to see them again on the next festival we are going. Wink!

Bloggers Wanted ~ Summer Adventure Event

Summer Adventure Event 
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Prize: Banzai Plummet Falls Adventure Slide Water Park 
Event dates: 5/13 - 5/28 

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013



He is busy as bee everyday. I am thinking to treat him something, thought of getting my husband a new wallet. Browsing for a durable one like leather wallets i just bumped into. He is kind of particular when it comes to his stuff. Also he is rough too, lol. Leather and quality wallet is the best way to get so it will last awhile. This photo here is perfect, it has plenty of compartment and double the folds. He is even more organized on his records. You know men with their wallet! Wink.

Outdoor Furniture by Joys of Creation

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 ~Cedar 5 foot custom made Swing~

 ~Cedar chaise lounge~
~ Cedar Adirondack chair with walnut accent table set~

~ Set of two Adirondack chairs and folding beach chair~

These are some of husband's custom made outdoor furniture. He designs and built them. His business is getting known everyday here in our place which is a great sign. New clients are coming in and wanting to get some work done. We took this photos during our deliveries at their residential addresses. We've taken picture for our records and online display at joysofcreation.com. Check it out! I am just so proud of him and his talent. He can easily make the piece of craft into a piece of work. 

Moreover, events and festival are all over the place here in south Florida, so we make sure we are one of those vendors. So far Joys of Creation attended and joined several since we started this business here in locals. This coming Saturday we will be at the Hibiscus Festival here in town. One of the big and outrageous event to be held annually. Lots of crafts, food tasting and the most awaited entertainments including Ms. Hibiscus 2013. It would be a lot of fun and excitement and of course our display will be there! Wink.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wingfest In South Florida

~Picture is not mine~

Inviting all wings and things lover out there! Florida is one big state in the south. Numerous events and festival are held here each year. Wouldn't have thought after we move here late last year and until then i am a festival and event finder blogger. I enjoy outdoors activities, going from places to another to see and finds what's interest me and my husband. We does this so many time when we used to live in Tennessee.

So without further ado, On the April 6th, 2013 another fun activity that south Florida awaits you.  The venue is going to be at the Civic Center of Fort st. Lucie again! I must say this place is awesome. And for sure plenty of fun and excitement stuff will be happening here again.

Accordingly and it will featuring the numerous area of restaurants will compete in a "wing-off" contest, competing for awards in the following categories: “People’s Choice,” “Best Wings in South Florida,” “Most Creative Flavor” and “Hottest” wings. Moreover to great wings, the said wing festival will be having also the entertainment such as live music all day, car show competition, the most anticipated moment is the wing eating competition!  Can't wait for that, i myself love hot wings every now and then, well who doesn't? they're good especially with ranch and the hot sauce! Yummy! Another feature are the extensive children’s play area,  assorted craft vendors are invited to show their creativeness and talents. Actually one of them is my bro in law! Wink. So, if you happen to be close by or having the vacation in south Florida? Don't miss to come by there and enjoy the day!