Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hotels by the Bay - Port st. Lucie, Florida

Florida is one of the tourist destination in the world. When winter season comes, folks from up north where cooler and chilly climate is heavy they come and spend time in the land of sand and sun until cold times over. Who doesn't love to be in the beach? often times we got warmer weather even though the other states experiencing snow. One think people love to be here.

Anyway, there are plenty of destination to choose from here in our state. One of those beautiful places is the city of port st. Lucie, it is located on the east coast of Florida about 120 miles drive to Orlando. These are just some of the amazing hotels and resorts in the area. Turn to Atlantic beach blvd. and you can see and will be amazed by all those line-up wall to wall and beautiful over looking ocean hotels. The perfect spot to stay.  They are pocket friendly too. Another interesting facts of St. Lucie is a home of historic city. When you enter downtown, you can see the historical buildings, vibrant scenery and breathtaking views.

So travel enthusiast around the world, come and check the city of port st. Lucie, sure you will have the best vacation experience. Remember, make it always worth the trip. Summer is fast approaching, know where to go yet? Wink.

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