Monday, May 27, 2013

Let’s talk ATVs

No doubt, one of the most famous types of recreation right now is the use of four-wheeled All Terrain Vehicle or ATV. Can you imagine the fun and adventure riding in one in sandy dunes or wooden trails? The adrenalin rush would take anyone to the coolest ride they could ever have. There are different types of ATV and each specially designed according to its usage. ATV 4x4 for example, aside from looking so cool, this type of ATV accordingly lightweight, can handle bumps, turns and jumps. It’s also the best buddy to any weather, it’s so tough you can conquer the road out there. It’s what they use for sports and recreation since it can be customized and enhanced depending on style and performance.

Side by side ATV is very popular too, it has powerful engine and can carry passengers and cargo. They look a lot like golf cart, with an attitude of course. What’s so cool is that this type of ATV can be registered in highway use, yep, you can get a license plate and drive it along your neighborhood. There’s more, you can also use it as a utility vehicle, in fact some designs are considered as the best side by side UTV because even if they are small, you can carry it in your truck but they’re powerful enough to handle a job.

Actually I’m browsing at Bench right now, they’re a website that provides you with the best looking and toughest ATVs like the Bighorn. I’m drooling for the Bighorn 400, but I doubt if I can handle it, lol! There are also ATVs for the kids, pretty much smaller and just for fun. Guys, do you imagine yourself going to the grocery or just driving around the hood in an All Terrain Vehicle? That would be so cool isn’t it?

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