Monday, July 22, 2013

5 Reasons Why This Job Will Not Be Your Last

The landscape of employment is forever changing as there are new jobs being created every year through new inventions and platforms of employment. In order to keep progressing and enhancing your career prospects constant development is required which can mean swapping to a different field or simply giving up a long-term job for a fresh opportunity. There are five main reasons why people choose to swap careers or industries.

Getting ‘bored’ is a common feeling when you have been in a career for a long time

It is normal to grow tired of a particular industry after a number of years, which is why most working adults will experiment in over 4 different industries. This is one of the most common reasons why people leave their current job, because they wish to pursue other industries that offer more or simply different benefits. Some individuals also choose to switch career paths because they have finally decided to pursue their passion.

Looking for better remuneration

No matter what job we currently have there will most likely always be more financially beneficial options. While some jobs will keep you there for your passion, there are others that will tempt you due to their financial incentives. This can be a great reason to try out a new job or even a new industry.

Progression means moving on to greater pastures

It can be easy to get caught up in the complacency and stability of a long-term job, however sometimes it’s better to take a risk and move on rather than stay in one job for years. Not only will this keep your mind stimulated and leave you feeling excited about your job, it’s also a great way to accelerate your career progression and open new doors.

Digital and technological advancements will change what jobs are available

The professional landscape is a constantly shifting tide. Every day there are new apps, innovations and technology advancements that actively change the dynamic of modern business. It’s almost impossible to predict what jobs will be available in the future as there is just so much possibility with modern technology.

Continuing education can expand your horizons

Choosing to expand your qualifications and education can lead to greater knowledge and fresh opportunities. Whether you start by pursuing a profession or industry that you love, or just want to expand your general business knowledge you’re sure to open new doors for your career.

The professionals at Randstad Brisbane recommend examining your career plan and ambitions at least once a year as this will ensure that you continue to challenge yourself and expand your desires. It’s also always beneficial to contact career specialists such as Randstad who are experts on career progression and the changing world of business.

Author Bio: Nicole is a recruitment agent and has been for the past 5 years. She aims to help her clients find jobs and guide them in the right direction. She started writing blogs to share her knowledge to others looking for general help and ideas to get them started on their career.

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