Saturday, July 27, 2013

At Bealls

Shopping at Bealls department store is one of my fun time. I must say the store got lots of cool and inexpensive stuff you could ever find. As if you are in a treasure mine, lol. I love the store, they have all kinds of cool products. Well, after we had our brunch today I asked the husband to take a short walk going to the next door which is the Bealls department store. I checked if they have new cute tops and kids stuff. Apparently they have what i wanted. Got a green chiffon top in a clearance tag and just pay $5. I don't know why i am crazy about sterling silver jewelry so i ended up getting new necklace and it is so adorable. I like it with rhinestones. Because i believed white or sterling silver is a kind of jewelry that is versatile in anything you wear. It will match your outfit in any occasion. So anyway, every time i went shopping i found myself on a jewelry aisles, lol.

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