Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let's wander to Molokini Crater, Hawai'i

 ~ Picture by search engine ~

Another interesting finds i am gonna share to my readers! This time i will take you to Molokini Crater, Hawai'i, lol.  Fasten your seat belt as we go to the crater of Molokini. The crater is shape like a crescent and well known to be one of the tourist destination in the island of Hawaii. It is a very popular for scuba diving, snorkeling and more. Accordingly, the islet is also a Hawaiʻi State Seabird Sanctuary. I bet it is amazingly cool to be in that place huh!

So if you are from Hawaii, or planning for a trip up there. Hmmm , don't forget to top this on your itinerary lists! Wink.

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Jeremy Norton said...

The place looks really amazing. I surely wanna visit this one when I get to Hawaii.