Monday, July 22, 2013

Marina Grande -Riviera Beach, FL

We had a successful weekend, got the opportunity to attend the last day of District Convention in West Palm, FL. Before heading to our way home, we did some driving here and there to see what the area has to. We got curious of the city because we just recently watched a movie of Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham from the movie PARKER. An action/adventure kind of, they shoot the entire movie in west palm beach.

So anyway, as we drive along the city proper we hit up where the skyscraper hotels at. One building got our attention was this multi-colored building facing the bridge going to the Oceanside. Its Marina Grande, the building definitely not boring and dull! It layered of 3 colored combination. It is so vibrant and you can really noticed from way distance. Another thing this is a hotel/condos with 300+ vacancies! Imagine that how luxurious could you be staying on this on the top of the ocean views? They have the high ends amenities, of-course the location i am sure the price would be the same. 

This is one best place for the perfect ocean views to the Atlantic right facing to it! The condo is located close to the Riviera Marina where the cruise ships and boats dock to fetch the cruisers and tourists. Sure the place has lots to offer. Check them out for your self! Check them out for yourself in your next adventure trip.

~Full view of marina grande condo hotel~ Photo is not mine!

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