Saturday, July 27, 2013

The beach were packed - WABASO, FL

One of the awesome beach in Florida! It's at Wabaso, in between from Sebastian to Gifford and close to Disney Resort over the left and a lil further aways. Today was packed. We love to be here in this spot side of the beach because it is quieter and just close to where the park and playground as well. It was lovely and sunny today, so might as well gone beaching. Kids always enjoy playing sands and build sand castles and stuff. Timely they just had their new sand making castle molds from a yard sale, lol they wanted to try them if it's working haha kidding aside! Anyway, these were beach goers and sure thing everyone is having the good time swimming, relaxing, sun tanning and of course playing volleyball and more.

Absolutely, Florida is one of the best place during summer and of course all year round! Wink!

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