Friday, August 23, 2013


Back home in the Philippines, when it comes to travel, the most common or shall I say most budget-friendly and enjoyable means of transportation is through big buses. I still can remember having to travel 13 long hours via bus, I actually prefer and love it more than airplanes and ferries. Road trips indeed has this soothing feeling, like it feels so good being able to just sit back, laze yourself, and see the never ending road and beautiful sights. Well that was in the Philippines, here in the US, not ones I tried riding a bus, so yeah imagine how I missed the feeling?

Out of curiosity, I gave All About America, the leader in motorcoach industry a visit. It is a company that’s all about bus charters and anything related to “by land” means of transportation. So I learned that their fleet includes:

  • 9 passenger vans 
  • 48 passenger full size luxury touring motorcoaches 
  • 56 passenger full size luxury touring motorcoaches 
  • 71 passenger school buses (equipped with a/c and seat-belts) 

Features also includes reclining seats, Wi-Fi, restrooms, foot rest, DVD, CD and VCR plus so much more! Imagine how cool those big buses are! When I think of riding a bus and actually travel by land soon, I cannot help but smile. Geez I missed the feeling so bad! Lol!

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