Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Filipino fruit trees available in Florida

I am still in ecstatic and overwhelmed mode until now! I can't imagine most of my favorite Filipino fruit trees are available here in our locale. Glad we move her in sunny state, i just get them in drive away! Banana is my favorite fruit ever, ripe or green i love them both! As well the papaya, we all know papaya is good for body and beauty. Meanwhile, guava fruits are so rare here but when we went for a ride to the husband going on Ric's Garden World (one of his clientele). They have most of the fruit trees that we have in the Philippines and for that knowing i am so happy! Even coconut trees are present with plenty of coconut on top, lol! Anyway, thought by the end of the week we are going to go back to the nursery and get my fruit trees! Can't wait! Excited mode! Winkz.

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Jeremy Norton said...

Glad to hear they can be found in you locale. You won't be missing the Philippines that much. But it's quite expensive, huh.