Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Food Truck Frenzy

I know this is popular across America! I've heard my aunt in CA about food truck as well and is it indeed the most known around California state. I used to just watch them compete on television food channel and wished to be there one day! And so my wish granted me to experienced one awesome event! Food truck frenzy is invading Florida right now, it is a huge outdoor picnic where food trucks of different places, cuisine and menus food that is cooked as you order. Am not talking fast food because bunch of the food trucks are run and manage by chefs! Japanese, Italian, Filipino, American and so on so fort kind of great fusion cuisine, comfort foods, soulful food and of course sweet treats. Great deals to choose from. Worth to try and i advice you to roam and check the entire trucks first before you decide what to order because they're bunch of them that are so bloody good! We had a  good experienced last Saturday at our locale.

Definitely watching for their next pit stop which i believed just close by. Wink!

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