Friday, August 23, 2013

Seafood Destination - Florida

Fall is just around the corner which means starts to get busy again. Vacationers from up north is going down to sunshine state. The weather is pretty much beautiful all year round, although we may get a lil bit cool but that's it! A state that rarely gets cold. That's why during cold seasons people are staying here until the spring approaches. One great thing to experience on the land of sand and sun is the seafood galore. Best seafood destination, from great dining experience, gourmet food and nice restaurants name it! All year round Florida have this seafood festivals and events. All sorts of seafood delicacies from different origins gather together. Luckily, we attended two of those festivals recently. Can't wait for the next one coming! It is always fun and the excitement is high. 

So if you are thinking of Florida getaway don't miss the chance to explore the seafood celebration here and there! Wink.

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