Monday, August 12, 2013

South Causeway Park, Ft. Pierce, FL

The park entrance

Over looking high ends hotel by the Atlantic coastal line.

Closer look of the wall to wall hotels

Kids had fun swimming on a calm and shallow water

Drive all through the beach close by the seashore

White sands

South Causeway Park, Ft. Pierce, FL - I must say one of the nice local beaches around. It reminds me of Philippines beaches with white sand open drive way along the beach, over looking seashore while you are driving through, coconut trees here and there which is what i love about the place. Picnic tables with individual grilling section. It's definitely a kinda beach i would enjoy spending the whole entire day. Just relaxing and chilling out with family or friends. Go check out for your self and you will be happy that you found this place! Wink!

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