Saturday, August 3, 2013

World's Most Attractive Cities

My countdown of world's most beautiful cities. I have several but these lists are one of the finest. Stunning, beautiful, amazing, breathtaking jaw dropping so on so fort places! Lolz.

 Panama City, USA

Sydney, Australia

Hallstatt, Austria

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Guanajuato, Mexico


(Images not mine)


Jeremy Norton said...

These are all amazing cities. I specifically want to visit Dubai and see for myself how it has improved through the years and amazed people with the man-made attractions.

CNEHolidays Singapore said...

Dubai really is! With extremities applicable in almost everything there! But I think we should add Seoul here. Or perhaps Paju in Gyeonggi? Or Busan? Those South Korean cities are definitely so stunning!