Monday, September 23, 2013

A weekend at St. Augustine, FL

Historical Spanish Port

~Photos are not mine~

Just wanted to get away in our busy city for a lil bit and the place i am thinking right now is ST. Augustine beach, Fl. We've been there twice for a quick detour from our trip to Tn and i must say one of the beautiful place on earth it is! I wanted to go there and stay for a day or two and just stroll around the entire downtown square, how cool is that! We fell in love to this place since we first seen it. It's full of history and land marks that you can ever imagine. Beautiful Spanish structures, villas and the historical port is the original when the Spaniards first came to land in the US. I tell you, st. Augustine is the place worth to visit and enjoy the time of your life. You've got to see their amenities and everything the city has to offer. From amazing accommodations to breath taking views.

So anyway, it's approximately more or less 2.5 hour drive from us not bad actually. I just can't wait until he said pack our bag and we will spend the weekend somewhere but not here (home). Looking forward to the weekend again despite our week just started! Wink.

Happy weekdays ahead everyone!


kimmy said...

wow! the place is simply AWESOME. i wish i could go there someday, lol!

jenewang said...

It's really a beautiful place, hope one day to the place!