Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road Trip

I was offline yesterday for a road trip on the other side of Florida at the Pacific coast. Went along with the husband for his furniture delivery to one very valued costumer. I had fun just having the long joy ride lately. Twas more or less 3.5 hours for going there and another 3.5 hours coming back. Well, there's only 2 roads to go and we've chosen the shortest route going to Okeechobee rather than to ft. Lauderdale which is longest however it is more scenic because you are driving the coastal line of Atlantic coast but time wise we need to get there and back on time. So our trip yesterday was just pure business and it was tiring but productive! We're all hungry so we headed to Apple Bee's for dinner of course with our kids who waited us at there grandparent's house, lol. But definitely going to Ft Lauderdale pretty soon! Wink.

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k Bustamante said... nag short cut diay mo. I remember the movie Wrong Turn.. nag short cut lagi but the hillbillies are waiting for them...weeee.. awww coastal road man sad diay mo, hehe