Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bonding Time at the Beach

We love going places on the weekend! That's what we keep in mind since our lives are busy during weekdays of working. This time we headed up to the beach with my Filipina sis in-law (bayaw) with her family. They just had their first baby girl and it was baby's first time going to the beach so far actually. I am acting the aunt nanny last Saturday afternoon while they're having fun swimming.

We really enjoyed that day, lovely weather, cool breeze because we went like 4:30 in the afternoon when the sun is not so humidly hot. We brought our tent an instant shade thing so that we don't get sunburn still. Weather here in Florida is so predictable you know even at this time of the year. The state always get warmer weather than any other states, we're more in tropical side you know.

Furthermore, this side of the beach is where beach goers loves to spend all day by their folks because it's more secluded, i must say it's one of the private beach area here in town. So if you like less parking, less people and not a crowded to have your sun bathing or any activities you wanted to do, the place is best to go. We even saw a lil further away people are fishing, lol. 

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