Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Park & Fitness Trail

It is my kids favorite park here in our place, (sorry for not remembering the name of this park tho), lol. Anyway, since we found this area of creation we got hooked and keep visiting there because it's not just a park instead there's a part somewhere very close for fitness and exercise for adults and even children can do the fun. Fitness trial is really nice to go to because it's shady lots of trees and flat paths. We had fun last Sunday, kids able to enjoyed on the playing stations. After the couple hours of sweating, we headed up to the fitness area of the park then went along follow the trail tho didn't completed it because four of us got hungry for lunch, haha. We planning on going back there again perhaps this coming weekend.  

The park is actually nicer than the other we go to. The slides are colorful, talking about purple and pink huh, the monkey bars are yellows, swings as well. The park is never boring! You gotta check this recreational place if you get to come by! Wink.

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