Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yesterday had my day off, supposedly we are planned of going to West Palm beach an assembly however, somethings came up unexpectedly so we just instead gone for driving to coastal line up to Melbourne. As we drive along our way we saw some county fair happening on that area. Looking fun and lots of people there. We saw some rides, food vendors and traffic ahead of us. The entire street was so busy, parking in the grass and everything. We thought of taking the kids inside but it was like 5 in the afternoon already and we still have to drive home. So maybe next time since the state have so many events and festival here and there this time of the year. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

High End Functional Women Fashion by ANATOMIE WEAR

In my previous post, I have disclosed my affection for anything and everything red that is why I was so happy to get a dress from Anatomie Wear. It’s the Monika Short Sleeve V-Neck, ballerina dress in red. This is no ordinary dress, as we all know Anatomie Clothing line is famous the world over for their designer styles and the use of travel-friendly materials. I was very excited to sport on different looks with the little red dress. First the girl-next-door look in which I paired it with a floral pink wedge. The second one is the rough and rugged look which was so easy to achieved, all I gotta do was grab a sporty leather jacket and boots. What I realized about my Monika dress from Anatomie Wear is that they really proved true to their promise by providing their clients travel-friendly and stylish outfits. The fabric is tough and sturdy yet comfortable to wear whatever the weather. It dries so fast that you must include it in your luggage and since it’s super stylish, it’s just perfect for whatever mood you’re in during your surprise weekend getaway or planned travel escapade.

Obviously I couldn’t get enough of my little red dress, so today is “Love the second time around” kind of day cause I’ll try to come up with a different look with it. I opted to go casual and carefree and wearing an equally pretty ballerina lepard flats will make me look like a gypsy. Oh and I have to grab my favourite matching scarf and yes braid my hair! The trick is to not go for accessories this time, but the free-spirited and cheerful kind of lad brightens up your day, though handbag would be great too. Winks!

Wide selection of designer fashion brand from dresses to tops, jackets, bottoms and more. Follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid or any compensation to give my honest opinion.

Disney's Vero Beach Resort, Florida


Another great weekend with fantastic four, lol! This time we headed to Disney's Vero Beach Resort, a 30 minutes short drive from us. Fortunately, The hotel and Resort is owned by famous Disney. I've been wanting to go inside the hotel for quite sometimes since we got here, but just doesn't have the right moment to do so, however today was the great day and thought of passing by there after our joy ride to the coastal line of beach side. The hotel is really amazing! That is the main lobby in the photo on top, then we went straight to the general gift store. Didn't get much except few lil souvenirs and stuff, key chains, fridge magnets and kids candies ofcourse all made of Micky and Minnie mouse, lol. 

So therefore guys, if you happened to go visit Florida this time of the year, consider this place i would very much recommend this for you and your family or friends to enjoy your stay here in the land of sun and sand, FLORIDA. Wink! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random thoughts in the morning

We have a new Taiwanese girl at the restaurant and I’m looking forward to work with her. She seems really nice and fun to talk to and what I like is that we have the same Asian roots, so we kind of clicked instantly. One of the things we have in common is about immigration and all about the crazy stuff we need to get done to live happily here in the US. Speaking of, I might need an attorney’s service soon like what immigration attorney los angeles. I really want my parents to come over here next year and will definitely need non-immigrant visas for them. Can’t help but be so excited, winks!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TownPark at Tradition


Had a really great weekend with family! This was at the townpark at Tradition fort st Lucie, FL. If you visit close to this area, don't miss to come by and spend the day with your family or friends! I must say one of the beautiful place to go by and chill. The ambiance is so breath taking and very relaxing with luxurious shopping stores and restaurants spots. Close to fine dining, gourmet shopping and scenic views and surrounded by beautiful buildings as well. The entire Tradition area is where the many tourists and local spending their relaxing day. We had a fantastic time and definitely coming back there again. The place is very well managed and clean, peaceful too! It's like a lil paradise in the mids of town square. Winks!