Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Oriental Supermarket, Orlando

I wasn't aware that Orlando, Florida has a huge oriental supermarket. I got pretty excited knowing they have all kinds of Asian goods from grocery to bakery, seafood, produced and even whole roasted pig and pecking duck! It's located at center Orlando. It's where the bosses go for the restaurant supplies and stuff. I am very excited to drive there on my off day and go check the big market for myself and the husband. I've heard a lot of nice things has to offer on that market. We'll do an updates more and pictures as soon as we get there! Wink.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Hard Case for the Hard Core Musician

Musicians are one of the most fascinating people in the world no doubt about it. They make it look so easy, like they’re just playing with their toys but the instruments they’re dealing with are complicated and not an easy thing to master. The passion for music runs through their veins and shows in what they do, which makes them so amazing! Not to mention they do look good too! For a guitarist, especially when they are carrying something like the classic classic ibanez hard case at Musicians Friend with an attitude, they just rock! Gotta check it out for your self if you love musics and stuff.

Weekend planned

Thank goodness it's Friday again. Where the family is heading? Well, we thought of having a joy ride since i have my day off on the weekend why not take the kids to Cocoa Beach an hour and ten minutes drive from us. Been there once just a quick pit stop and that place is beautiful. They have the best beaches you could spend a day! Telling ourselves to go back there one day and have some roaming around downtown and of course beaching! So excited by the weekend planned. Wink!

Monday, December 16, 2013

For the Bistro

In my previous post I mentioned about my boss looking for music instruments and accessories since they want to have a band in the restaurant soon. They want it to be something special, like a different taste of music every night. Might as well share them this good vandoren m15 13 series at wwbw and other woodwind and brass instruments, such a good deal they will find here. I'm honestly looking forward having a band in the restaurant, want them to play some country music baby! That will make working a little less tiring and a whole lot of fun.

Random Picks of Most Beautiful Building in the World


 I am so fascinated and curious to get further search about some of the most beautiful buildings I've ever seen so far around the world. Fortunately some of them was able to saw it on several movies we've watched, from London to Asia, India so on so fort. Indeed, they're one of the dazzling, stunning, amazing and everything you could ever describes. Will be sharing more of them shortly!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Brits Abroad: Why We Move Overseas and Where We Go

According to a study by the Office of National Statistics, around 350,000 British people move overseas every year, which is quite alarming when you think about it. While the UK has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities, education and housing – three of the most important assets – it’s countries more further afield that have the pull factor with Australia and the UAE holding the top positions in terms of where the Brits are heading.

 Many put this down to the climate with both countries far warmer than the UK, but there are a number of other contributing factors such as the tax-free salaries, stunning architecture and beautiful beaches on offer in the Emirates. Moving further afield to countries such as Australia isn’t for everyone, with many choosing to leave the UK preferring to stay within Europe. In fact, European countries make up around one third of the chosen destinations with countries like Portugal, Spain and France all in there. One of the reasons for that being that it’s now much cheaper than it used to be to buy a property in Europe from an agent like portugalproperty.com with the overall cost of living nowhere near it’s peak at the turn of the millennium. 

While countries such as the UAE and its most popular cities – Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah – are filling up with Britons looking for a new way of living, a lot of them aren’t looking at staying forever with around 63% of people involved in a recent NatWest International Personal Banking study saying that they would look to move back to the UK at some point. It’s easy to see why they’ve moved out there in the first place, however, with the rapid expansion in industries such as construction, banking, tourism and oil offering numerous career opportunities from the ground right up to managerial positions all of which are – as already mentioned – tax free.

No matter how appealing the prospect of moving abroad might be, there are always a number of factors that complicate the process. The first of which being the fact that you will have to adapt to their way of living. What might be legal in the UK might not be where you’re moving to or you may have to drive on the opposite side of the road – which will certainly take some getting used to! Some countries have businesses that will close for several hours during the day or may not open at all on certain days of the week, and you’ll also have to make sure that you give yourselves the best chance of integrating into the neighbourhood by meeting your neighbours and trying to learn the language.

You’ll also have to get used to the exchange rate. Sometimes you don’t noticed just how much you’re spending on a holiday because the price sounds similar to what

West Palm Beach

Circuit Assembly is fast approaching and we will be going to West Palm beach for it. I can't wait to see fellow witnesses out there again. We have it annually so seeing them is quite exciting. Plus we plan to stay there over night and explore the city. I heard lots of beautiful feedback about the area and the attraction so couldn't wait for the say to arrive and all of us heading that way. Wink!