Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Missing Parks


We haven't been to these parks in awhile lately. Got lots of stuff going on lately even in the weekend both of us are busy to take them to this amazing parks we visited. Our place got quite a few of parks and recreational places around but these three (3) are the best for me so far. Kids having fun so much, plus close to the beach like 5 feet you can just go to the board walk and can smell the ocean breeze. We might take them this weekend if nothing come up. This passed few weeks been busy in baking you know.

I need new photos anyways to share, so will definitely put on the priority lists when weekend arrive. Wink!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fancy over ATVs

There’s one person I know who is so drooling over ATVs, the kind of vehicle that’s so tough-looking, rigid, and with an attitude. My sister, if you are to ask her what’s her dream car, her straight answer would be an ATV! All terrain vehicles are mostly designed for recreation, it has large tires and use over road less, rugged terrains. She’s someone who loves road trips, and accordingly an ATV would be the best companion for a dream cross country joyride. Oh well, it’ just a wishful thinking for my sister but you know what, am sure she’ll find this link about ATV and UTVs very interesting.

I came across Bennch, if ATV is your thing, it’s the place for you to be. They actually have all the best-looking and high-performing ATVs you can imagine! You want a Gray Wolf 700 or a Gray Wolf 500? How about a Spire or a Bighorn? For peeps who love to feel the adrenalin rush, a ride with this kind of vehicle will never fail to give you the thrill. Imagine down the slopes and sand dunes, across rivers and streams, just plain awesome! Would you be the driver or the passenger seat’s way better? I can’t imagine myself in that kind of trail but knowing my sister, she’ll love to! She’d be all smiles, screaming on top of her lungs, enjoying every bit of it.

I don’t know much about ATVs, their features, performance and all so I will just share with you some pictures from no less than Bennche. Even the photos alone spells adventure and thrill already, don’t they?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Asian Store


Another one reason why i love our new place right now is because in just 10 minutes drive i can go and get my Filipino stuff anytime i wanted to. It's so hard before when we're living in Tennessee. We have to drive like an hour and half just to get something in Nashville where's the World Market  is located and so in order to go we need to plan ahead of time. Apparently i have to get lists of stuff so out trip won't be wasted. However now, it's all good. Last night i craved pinoy stuff again in particular the lumpia or spring rolls so i asked the bana to drive me there after work. Grabbed two (2) packs of lumpia wrappers, and saw some egg plants, bitter melon (ampalaya), my favorite fish GG, bean sprout (monggo kresido) and a pack of mung beans that my husband and kids loves. Another thing, Mingala Asian store is way cheaper than in the local grocery store and above all i can pick whatever pinoy goodies i want. Ohh i just love that store from the start i found it! Happy camper!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Something for her: iGear Unlimited Product Review

Living away from home is a terrible feeling one can ever feel. Homesick, homesick, and homesick hits you now and then and it kills. But having a loving and the best family here in the States soothes the soul, especially when you have the best mother-in-law in the planet. I’m blessed to have a mom like her, she made me feel like her own. I can’t thank her enough I know but through little gesture, somehow I can make her smile and feel special.
So the moment I got this slider case for iPhone, I just knew she must have it. iGear makes the most beautiful customizable iPhone cases with their variety of designs and materials, I'm pleased that iGear sent me a slider case to try and from that on i thought of my mom in-law. So, I chose a design that’s close to MIL’s heart, her favorite birds of paradise. They have it planted in their garden, stood beautifully like a pedestal and every time we visit their place, it always caught my eyes. It reminds me a lot like home where those beauties naturally grow, my grandma used to have hers as well. I just knew she’ll love it for the moment I hand her the case, she gave me a warm hug. Awww!

You can have your personalized phone sliders as well. Your favorite image will be printed on the back of a white, thin-profile, sturdy slider case with a snug fit to your phone. With good handling, the ink is scuff and scratch resistant so it would last long enough. Not to mention it's only $2.95 flat rate shipping, how nice is that? Winks!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

Dinner date at this place


Fujiyama Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is what i am planning to take my Bebe in our fast approaching wedding anniversary. It's a romantic and nice place to have a dinner date with your beloved. I checked this restaurant and in my nice surprised the Japanese chef is cooking in front of the guess, which is i really wanna experience it in awhile now. So pleased we found a Japanese restaurants that the service is like those. I am getting anxious when our anniversary arrives. Can't wait it's gonna be romantic!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Guitar for the little man

We had thoughts on getting our boy a guitar, not a toy guitar but the real thing. Well maybe not as pro as washburn guitars at musicians friend but something he can use for a future summer class on guitars. I still can’t believe our baby is now a little man and I would really love to see him learn how to play a musical instrument. It’s like a dream for me, that one day soon, he’s going to serenade me with songs and music that would make any mom’s heart jump for joy and pride. How lovely!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The best in town


I was craving burger and fries last night a guilty pleasure that is worth to have! Been a while we haven't had a  burger so i suggested to the husband why not try this local food chain close where he is working. We heard lots of good stuff on this. The reviews are much anticipated because of what people saying and we can see the lines and inside are packed all the time. So then it is true the best in town indeed. Their burgers are freshly made and the fries are freshly cuts everyday. It is all natural ingredients they're using. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is number one in Orlando and everybody is voting for it. I took couple of their achievements and compliments. I had such a great time last night. You guys must visit whenever you come in our state. Or just look for the Five Guys, wink!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jewelry preferences

What type of jewelries do you prefer? Some people choose for the gold tones but others prefers the white ones. You can't tell the difference they're both lovely and nice. For me though, I go for white tones or sterling silver jewelry. I found it elegant and classy. Majority of my jewelries are sterling silver, they are versatile whichever outfits goes along very well. Plus they last long and easy to clean. I thought about this because am in this site and just love their sterling silver jewelry collection they've got. Wide variety of styles and cuts that a woman wants. Adorably indeed!

Charles Park


Just the third park we visited this past holidays with kids of course they enjoyed and played to the fullest. We love our place here right now not just we have beaches as well numerous parks to go by. Just this one is large and the playground are super nice and colorful too! Daughter called it her purple park the Charles park! lol

Great Package Holiday Deals

Package holiday deals can offer families some of the best prices for a getaway, whether you are looking for an all inclusive luxury break or a more modest self catering arrangement. In most cases, it stands to reason that the facilities included at the resort and the star rating awarded to the hotel will determine the price that you will have to pay. For instance a five star all inclusive hotel with a full range of facilities and children’s clubs will cost quite a lot more than a basic self catering apartment. But with so many offers available you should have no trouble finding some great prices if you spend a little time searching the internet for deals.

The style of accommodation you choose should of course depend on your own travelling companions and the type of holiday that you wish to have. A family hoping to stay and play in a resort for a week will no doubt find it more enjoyable - and better value for money - to pay a bit extra at the time of booking and ensure all the right facilities are in place. Often, an all inclusive package helps to save money as it means you won't have to fork out every five minutes for drinks, food and activities. Whereas a group looking to explore the country and use the hotel as a base to sleep in would probably get more value from a self catering deal, as it means they can find their own meals as and when it suits them.

Late holiday offers have traditionally been one of the best ways to find a bargain, and is often the most popular for those that want to save the pennies. But you should also consider booking well ahead, as the cost for packages booked in advance is often very reasonable. Tour operators are keen to secure business for the following year, hence prices can be extremely attractive. Take some time to search for next year’s summer break now and you will probably find some surprising bargains.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lay down your hair : Hair Product Review


Well I guess my cousin woke up in the wrong side of the bed and realized she want a long and lustrous hair. I think she was still in college when she had it cut short, that’s four years ago! She is happy and carefree with her short hair but then looking at beautiful and gorgeous pictures of braids only possible with long locks made her the jealous girl like no other, lol! So she wants to grow it fast, in an instant, yeah, knowing her she’s impatient. Well I bet she’ll be all smiles because timely I got here Fast Grow’s hair growth oil and black hair vitamins. I am going to give her the vitamins and leave the oil for me. So we're splitting, lol.

Fast Grow by Exotic Allure products are tout to be the smart choice if you want to grow strong, beautiful, long hair. It is not greasy and can also be used as hair oil for that longed for shiny and manageable locks. I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to try their product and I've been using the oil for couple of weeks now and i can tell my long straight hair gets more and more stronger, shiny and manageable everyday. So, i bet the cousin can’t wait to have the kind of hair like that in the shampoo commercial. Winks!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.