Sunday, March 31, 2013

PLACES I've been


I got inspired and thought of making some of my most beautiful postcards like photographs I've taken to be a memoir and i wanted them to last forever. Because places like those can't be forgotten! I've been there twice or trice, and right now we live in the land of sand and sun so every now and then we get to go to the beaches and parks  around. Each photograph here was taken by yours truly and it was some of the best places i have been so far. So to make it more precious, I customized each and everyone of them. I thought it looks neat of the idea of making these for me and of course for my family and kiddos when they grow up still can look at to them and knows where, when and who made it. So from now on, every time my family and I will go somewhere for a family fan day will definitely make it even more memorable and precious. What do you think? isn't it cool, huh!

Note: You can zoom-in my personalized postcards to view the closer look. ^-^

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Downtown Friday at Main street Vero, Fl


Another downtown Friday event! Only at main street here in local place. Gonna be tomorrow at 6 pm to 9pm. It is fun and lots of music, drinks and food. As well all kinds of crafts and stuff for invited vendors. We are glad that one of them is joys of creation. We are displaying our outdoors furniture and such. So much more to see and another good event to be at. Wink! See you guys there, if you happened to be close by.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Being a blogger I get to discuss a variety of topics, most often I have no clue about, for instance, humidors for cigars. I really don’t know what and where to use it. But a friend pop in my screen the other day and asked if I there’s someplace I know in which good deals are available. So yes, I first find out what the thing is and its purpose. It’s a box designed to store old cigars to keep them at optimal shape. Well I just shared the link to him. That friend has always been a smoker way back in collage days. I still wonder why people can’t let go of cigarette smoking even if they know the dangers.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Coolest Trucks

Smiling Sally

One reason why i love going on a festival or shows, is because we could see all kinds of coolest thing. Just to name a couple such as these two trucks out there at the seafood festival held at Post St. Lucie two weeks ago. I've seen rides like this in television, the food truck race for instance, but not on the actual scenario. It  was an amazing feeling as i am a fan of colorful stuff and so as my girl. Kids were excited to try their stuff. That was a fun experienced we had that day! Wink.

Iron and Sleep

The other day I was chatting with sissy and she told me about the stress she’s getting with her job right now. She said it’s not that complicated though but the challenge is because it affects her sleep. Knowing her, she’s the wimpy kind who can’t stay up all night. But since she works on a night shift sometimes, there’s nothing she can do. I told her about a new product I recently came across with called floradix iron and herbs. It’s an all-fruit-and-vegetable iron tonic with vitamin C and b-complex that boost the energy and promotes sleep. Other iron supplements make sissy dizzy, this one, it makes sleeping a lot more sound and sweet.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Civic Center Port St. Lucie, FLORIDA


More to share. Can't get enough of how amazing this place is. At Port st. Lucie the civic center is so nice guys and humongous! It's the perfect place to host an event, shows, concerts, festivals and even a wedding day by the overlooking tranquil pond and fountains! I love how the buildings constructed it's like you are in Spain kinda way! One of the best park I've ever been by far! You must have to come by when you are going to Florida. The city of Port st Lucie is one beautiful city, with amazing hotels and restaurants specially seafood. You won't never get bored when you visit the historic city. That's why come check it out for you to see and you will know what i am trying to say about. Wink!

Skywatch Friday Season 6, Episode 36 - Civic Center Port St Lucie, Florida


What a beautiful day on March 9th. We participated the vendors criteria at the seafood festival annual event here in part of Florida. It was fun, tummy stuffed and lots of goodies and entertainment that day. The sky cooperated as you can see though it was cloudy that day yet it's sunny so it's just right for the event to be a success. The show was absolutely a success! I was busy taking beautiful photos here and there because the event lasted till 10 pm.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The anticipation...

... starts! can not wait to be here soon. Just the features of this said festival is much exciting! The iron chef competition would be interesting! We just had the seafood festival today and it was fantastic! It is my first to attend in such event. Will share beautiful photos shortly.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Are you one of them?

Are you one of those employees that are experiencing such treatment of being treated unfairly? or in the environment of hostility at the workplace? And much more to be consider as uncomfortable situation by your superior or employer. Well, the San Diego employment lawyer is for you! They are trusted and reliable representative of victims of employers around. Let them do the job, they'll help you through the entire process and making sure you are well taken care of. They also have other kinds of cases. So get free consultation and from there they will let you understand and guided. 

Next Pit-Stop, FORT PIERCE, FL

 ~ Welcome to Fort Pierce, Florida~

 ~ Beautiful Fort Pierce Marina Bay~

~ Public Boats and Yacht Dock~

One of the busy city in FL. Fort Pierce is the center of St.Lucie county and i just learned it is known as the sunrise city, sisterhood of San Francisco, California known as the sunset city! There are quite a few things to do in here. Attractions includes this marina bay, the Backus museum and gallery, the aquarium place, the Historic Main Street, which i am very much excited because it is going to be our next pit stop to participate in their most anticipating event to be held annually by local organizers. We have our new line of business, the building of customized furniture and right now we are promoting our Adirondack chairs in close by cities also. So joining some popular events here and there is really important to us. So people here in Florida knows that they can buy quality chairs from us!

So anyways, It's gonna be 2 weekends from now and super excited about this seafood event. Lots of yummy seafood galore displays and crafts displays. We are so looking forward for it!

For Handymans


One of the handyman's essentials are just the bar clamps. My husband is a Jack of all trades and he got everything that he needs to get work done. I see him use these stuff so many times in his custom furniture projects. It is important to manage the right measurements and such. Specially when he don't have any hand to help him. This small yet very useful tool is important for him. Most likely he shop them online because he gets reasonable pricing. So if you or someone you know that works in this field. He should check it at, that online store has wide selection of all kinds of industrial products such as bar clamps, pipes, bars just to name a few.

Skywatch Friday Season 6, Episode 35 - Sunset


Taken at Indian River mall parking lot, Vero Beach downtown. The main entrance of the mall. Twas amazingly beautiful that i can't get enough. Capturing a nice shot is indeed precious because this is only once in a lifetime experienced, next time would be another sunset. Wink!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not your ordinary plush toys- Mashaka the Monkey™ Zoobies Review


They are cute, cuddly and simply adorable, plush toys are loved by many, kids and adults alike. But to be honest, I never really like stuff toys when I was a child. The movie was the culprit, I was scared and view toys as something weird. But now that I have kids of my own, I just can't get away with toys, and a whole lot of them. My kids love them, the little girl has her favorite Teddy and she simply can't go by without him. Who am I to spoil their happiness? The only thing though, and I guess most moms would agree is that toys can mean a total house mess, scatted and all over the place.

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Now here comes Zobbies- it's not your ordinary plush toys and yes, they are indeed very practical to kids and us moms. What makes Zoobies such a great stuff to grab? Zoobies plush toys are not just fun and entertaining, they are helpful tools that can make the lives of moms and their children a lot easier. How? Let's have Mashaka the Monkey™ as an example. I got him for my son, he loves anything about jungles (blame it on Dora and Diego) and monkeys are one of his favorites. This witty and clever creature is a good pal and Zoobies has their own very cute version. His name is Mashaka, straight from the jungles of Africa. What makes Mashaka extra special, aside from being cuddly he is also a blanket and a pillow rolled into one. He's the perfect companion for excursions, camping, weekend travels and yes, cuddling in bed, he loves his new blanket since we got it. Moms out there, Zoobies plush toys are the kind of toys you’d want your kids to have. Check them out!

Disclaimer: Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid or any compensation to give my honest opinion.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Civic Center, Port St Lucie, FL


Headed up to Port St. Lucie for you to see the Civic Center. It's amazingly beautiful with a brick-lined outdoor patio area, overlooking a tranquil pond and fountains! One of the best place to go for a walk or set an event. Place is huge, building structure is awesome a villa kinda look. I can not wait to go back their on the weekend and take more beautiful and inspiring photos around. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Deburring Tool?


It's my first time ever heard about this kind of tool, The deburring tool. Thanks to my handyman hubs, he explains it to me. Basically, when you cut a metal it will deburrs all pieces of metal to a rounded edges. In other words to contour the sharp blades of metal and whatsoever. This piece looks really simple yet so useful. They have different looks depends on your preferences. Definitely he needs one soon then for his present project.

Indian River Mall - Vero Beach, FL

The best one stop shopping stores in local Vero. You can find wide selection of great stuff to keep you shop, food to satisfy your hunger entertainment and game rooms. The main entrance of the mall, then will lead you to several famous shopping destination such as JCPenny, Sears, Victoria's Secret which i headed up, lol. Macy's, Jewelry stores, Book-a-million, Kids clothing store like Gymboree and many to mention. At Gamestop store, is where you can take your kids to play. They have wide variety of games there. Make sure to bring plenty of coins for exchange of tokens so you will get more tickets. Visit this place whenever you come by see our city! Wink!

Looking for Pianos?


Finding a particular instrument is easy however you have to be smart enough to check if this or that is the one you wanted. Such an example, is when you are looking for the best digital pianos in the market today. A friend is a pianist by nature and performing at her local church. I envy people (in a good way though) who knows how to play pianos. For me, it's a special talent that takes a special person to do it. Last time i learned about her is that she's planning to pursue her career and take it to the next level of piano lessons. Best of luck to her journey. Hope she finds what she wanted! 

Seafood Festival - Treasure Coast, Florida

Who doesn't love all these? 

I am as excited as can be for the up coming annual Florida's seafood festival held at St. Lucie on march 9th. Seafood lover would definitely enjoy this event! Of course what to expect up there? well, the festival will feature plenty of delectable seafood, including the very famous shrimp, lobster, crabs, clams, oysters, delicious fish and much more. Accordingly, that there will be arts and crafts vendors and a kid zone with bounce houses. There will also be live music from the following bands. The anticipation is much higher because we are one of the vendors of the said display. We have our customized beach chairs and stuff. The admission is absolutely FREE. 


Not to long ago we had to call an appliance repairman before the warranty expired. I am talking about our new side-by-side refrigerator that we just purchased from a local appliance store. Somehow it didn't bring enough cool in the fridge side. For that matter the food would get bad evidently. Good thing the store acknowledge our request to sent a repairman to check what's going on and the rest is history. Right now, it's working really good and i am happy about it!


I enjoy going out somewhere. Yesterday, thought I'll be stuck at the house all day and hadn't no chance to roam around downtown. To my nice surprised the hubs took us to the mall just 3 minutes drive from home. Malling is one of my favorite past time since i was in my school years. Friend and I just standing by around the mall and just do whatever we want. I kinda miss that. I am so thankful we are close to the establishments in town. Any moment we can go. I got my VS and just did much of window shopping but we had fun. We ate dinner at the food chains and kids enjoyed at the game room. Overall, we got a fantastic weekend! Wink.