Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chinatown at Orlando, Florida

On the Christmas day i got a day off due to holiday. So that morning we headed to Orlando Florida, not going to any tourist attractions there instead we detour to Chinatown. A place where you can see and find all kinds of Asian things and food especially! I was like wow! I really had fun on that place, the entire complex is cool. A thrifty store with all kinds of products from China, wink. The Chinese cuisine restaurant was packed as if one i saw on Chinese movies before. Another place to eat is the Pho Noodle place, Thai resto for sure. And the last destination is the food mart, 1storiental supermarket it is! Where you can buy your groceries, from fresh live fishes, dried fishes to seafood, oriental produced and fruits from different countries of origins. Moreso, if you are looking or craving for lechon? they have the whole roasted pork similar to Philippine letchon and i tell you it was as good as the one in the PH. So if you are in Orlando area or close by don't miss the Chinatown supermarket. You definitely enjoying your tour there. Wink!

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