Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Six Boutique Hotel Must-haves: Learn more about your hotel when staying in Hong Kong

Just like resorts, boutique hotels offer a more close-knit setup. It’s where you can experience an intimate setting where the facilities are cutting-edge, the rooms are contemporary, and the services are personalized. Now, to stay in a dedicated inn that has refined interiors can be a plus. But it’s the tailor-made service that makes it stand out from all the other hotels. Truly, this type of guesthouse is a cut above the rest.

What’s a boutique accommodation?

While some may declare their accommodations to be of boutique level, it stillwouldn’t hurt to know more about the hotel that you want to stay in. Although therearen’t any concrete definitions as to how a boutique inn should be. But there are a few features that a hotel in Wan Chai should at least, be able to offer.

What to look forward to in a boutique lodging?

When it comes to boutique lodgings, plenty of people are already seeking a more personalized lodging experience. It’s the call of the times, especially in this fast paced world where comfort and relaxation is constantly being sought after. That’s why boutique inns are perfect getaways.

(1) Boutique lodgings are usually known for having just a few rooms (houses only 25 to 150 rooms).

(2) But other than that, most specialty inns only allow a limited number of events to be held in the hotel. They make sure that this is followed to help preserve the overall character of the guesthouse.

(3) Dedicated inns are also known for having the most intimate receptions. Their lobbies are also created in that manner to help display a more welcoming and warmer ambiance.

(4) Most specialty inns also stand out for their contemporary interiors, modern facilities, and themed rooms. It’s what usually attracts the market, regardless of the location.

(5) If there’s one thing that makes a boutique inn stand out, it would have to be the kind of service that it provides, which is the individualized type. Not many large-scale hotels get to focus on all of their clients’ needs (in a more prompt manner),but boutique lodgings can. Hotel staff members are actually the backbone of the business and they will always be there to give immediate and round-the-clock assistance to each and every guest.

(6) Boutique accommodations are also known to be advance, technology-wise. So you can expect to find a dedicated inn that already comes fully equipped with the latest devices and services (i.e. Wi-Fi and Broadband connection, flat screen TVs,DVD players).

Where to find the best boutique accommodation in Causeway Bay?

Look no further, as V Causeway Bay is just around the corner! The renowned V hotel by Yee Wo Street offers over 40 layouts, which ranges from cosy studios to lofty penthouses. But that’s not all. The 53-room inn also provides a roomy space that already includes a bedroom, en suite bathroom and kitchen. Each luxurious guestroom is also furnished with a 42” Plasma TV, DVD/CD player, Wi-Fi connection,and HQ audio system.

Furthermore, the V hotel affords their guest’s with daily housekeeping, 24-hour concierge assistance, and 24-hour security service. But on top of these conveniences, V Causeway Bay also allows access to their business centre and self-service laundry facilities some of the amenities that will truly make ones stay stress-free.

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