Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Mall at Millenia, Orlando, Florida

~ The main lobby on the bottom right with amazing tower~

We all know what Orlando, Florida has to offer to all the people around and of course vacationers so to speak. Just to name a few of the famous attractions the city have, are of course the theme parks most likely the Disneyworld, Seaworld, Epcot, Universal Studio so and so fort! So obviosly, tourists are coming there all the time back and fort because of those exciting activities that those attractions has to offer. Another exciting places to go over there are the malls, don't you know Orlando has this shopping store called the Mall at Millenia that is so prestige and stunning.

~ Several lobbies here and there~

One reason we celebrated our anniversary there is because i love malling and when i discover about this mall on facebook one thing i wanted to do was go their! haha. So a day after our anniversary we head up and spent few hours touring inside the humongous mall I've ever been so far. You would be impress as you enter the main lobby entrance. If you love the cheesecake factory you might as well visit this beautiful mall at Orlando, FL. Another thing, every brand names store are present, wink. So i will be back there to go shopping of my life when i get rich huh, lol.

One of the best and memorable experience of our lives as family for 2014 journey. Winkz!

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