Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ideal summer vacation for the entire family

A two-story home by the seashore is the perfect place for a family with several children to spend summer vacation. They can swim in the ocean, explore the town and join in all of the local events happening in the summertime. Oftentimes, families choose to make at least part of the second floor of their home into a recreation room. They can play games there, watch television and relax while they gaze out at the beautiful ocean view! Consider a few of the items that many families include in their recreation room. 

A sofa is a must-have piece of furniture for a recreation room. The kids and their friends can sit on the sofa when they talk or play video games. A soft sofa is also a great place for mom or dad to stretch out and take an afternoon nap while enjoying the sea air. The sofa may have an ottoman with it that can serve as a great seat for a kid who wants to play video games through the afternoon.

While the family is relaxing on the second floor of their seaside home, they will need some refreshments to snack on. A refrigerator that is big enough to accommodate soda, bottled water, cold cuts and veggies would be perfect for family members who spend a lot of time in that area. The refrigerator could be put at one end of the room or perhaps in a corner where it would be accessible to everyone visiting the upstairs room.

Some families really love to play board games. What better place to play an exciting board game than in the recreation room? Getting a table that's big enough to accommodate the entire family as well as a few extra chairs for visitors is a smart idea. Furthermore, a folding table would be ideal for the family. It could be folded up and put in one corner of the room to create more space for livelier games.

Finally, a big screen television is ideal for a family that wants to watch movies together and play video games. A family may opt for a television that mounts on the wall so it won't take up too much space in the recreation room. In order to move a big screen television or another big item to the second floor of a home, a homeowner may want to shop now for a mechanical device that can help with the heavy lifting.

Survivor - Cayagan


It's survivor season again! Yay! Just can't wait for it. Been an avid fan since the show started years years ago. This time they're airing it in Cagayan, Philippines. If i am not mistaken this is the fifth consecutive time in a row that they shoot in our country. I know PH is irresistible when it comes to natural beauties of the places and lots of things to do and go there. So i am not surprise why Survivor is hooked about PH. Don't forget the premiered date, was on Wednesday, February 26. And you can watch them whenever you miss it on television at Wink!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Time to replace

It's been 8 years that we had our memory foam for the master bedroom. We honestly love the idea of putting one on it. It makes your sleep even more comfortable. Now i guess it's time for replacing a new one so here i am thinking where did we bought it online. I know there are bunch who deals of memory foam toppers  but not everyone is in great quality! I might take a look of my invoice records so we could re-order it pretty soon because the one we have is getting old. Otherwise will get one from other online source. 



Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet are some of the colours we commonly see in a rainbow. Well, it is really the colour of the rainbow! It's truly amazing to gaze at the awesome things God gave us. After the rain comes, you'll see the sun comes. With that, rainbow appears, the combination of the mists of the rain and the stuns of the sun. Cool and heart pumping stuff, isn't it? The colours of the rainbow really hooks people's eyes. Me myself loves when rainbow comes out, that's why I love rain too because it brings out one of the most amazing sites my eyes have laid upon. The heaven above gives us a lot of relaxing, enjoyable and magnificent things for us to witness. Let us thank the one who gave us all this, GOD.

Looking for...

I am looking for a reliable and budget friendly property management granite bay ca for a dearest friend. They just move in in their dream house in a new location. The house is fully furnished and very modern however she wanted to make some fixing specially in her new big kitchen. She wanted to opted it to a granite counter top. So i mentioned her about checking some reliable yet affordable company around. Pretty sure she could find her ideal kitchen and everything. Not to mention she's is very detailed oriented and wanted things to be perfect and of of course beautiful. Wink.



When the night comes, darkness overruns the plains and the mountains. The moon and stars gives us light for us to see during the darkness. Starry heavens really amuse my eyes. Having a glimpse of this wonderful creation makes my heart glad, pump and jump. Sometimes, when it is cloudy, and the stars hides beneath it, I feel empty. Constellations makes it more adventurous. When I look up in the night sky, it's really entertaining to look for pictures. How? You have to connect the dots. You can see things in the stars, like the archer. I always seethe archer! Have you?

Now, look up at the sky, what do you see? The starry heavens? If you see it, tell me, isn't it lovely?

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Guitars and other instruments are really hard to learn. Beginners such as my cousin, might have a hard time to learn the song they want to play. Even simple chords are not easy to learn. Wanna have something to help you with that problem? This cheap emedia guitar is a splendid idea to get whenever you want to become skilled in playing guitar. This book contains comprehensive lessons covering from the basics, and even chord strumming and finger picking. This really helps an artist to enjoy and learn with no trouble in handling and playing guitar. Dear, I said so, have one, have a great escape in having difficulties in learning and playing your guitar.

Why travelling is fun


Living in a single room, staying in a lonely place, breathing in deep shadows, isn't it boring? Why don't try having fun gazing sceneries? Or be aghast with the beauty of nature? Why not travel? It is a great thought of being alive and to acknowledge the magnificence of the world. Travelling is a great relaxation to a person's mind and body, yet a happy time to enjoy yourself. I had once travelled with my sister and cousin somewhere in Visayas. We attended a wedding at the same time, bonding as well. We travelled for 24 hours that made my day really amusingly entertaining! Found new friends and pleasurable memories to treasure.

Now a warped girl living in deep shadows has known the beauty of a new place. Stand up, know the world, travel! Yes! It is really fun!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

6 Essential Tips when Picking a Travel Package Turkey

There are a few things which bring delight to people, one of which is world travel. In case you want to tour around the world, you may want to start with Turkey. As one of the cultural centers in the ancient world, this country is well-known to be the center of trade and industry as well.
Now, if you think you have what it takes to take a trip to this exquisite country, then you need to make preparations as early as a few months before the actual trip. Of course, you would need help from a travel agency so you know exactly the things you can do once you get there.
Choosing a travel package Turkey is not easy, but it isn’t too difficult either. You just need to take note of several tips such as the ones listed below:

  1.  Always think about your budget – You cannot go anywhere without money. If you are taking a trip overseas, then make sure you have enough budget to take care of all the expenses. These include airfare, accommodation, food, transportation and shopping expenses. 
  2.  Do not forget your companions – While you are considering a travel package Turkey, you should also think about the people you are going with. Whether they be friends, family members or colleagues, they would surely want their individual preferences for the trip. 
  3. Think about how long you are going to stay – Aside from your budget and companions, you should also think about how long you plan to stay. There are several packages which depend on your stay whether you like to take a one day, two day, or three day vacation. 
  4. Pick a group of destinations you want to visit – Because you are going to a distant place, it would be best to take advantage of your entire trip. You should make sure that every hour and day of our stay is worthwhile because of the new things you learn and new places you visit. 
  5. Read about Turkey’s weather – Read about the weather of the country you are going to visit, in this case Turkey. Obviously, you would not want the bad weather to ruin your trip just because you failed to read about Turkey’s climate. The Internet now offers all of these details online, so make sure to exploit them. 
  6. Prepare your stomach for Turkish cuisine – Turkish cuisine might not be the best set of dishes for everybody. This is composed of dishes which have strong flavors, often of which linger hours after you ate it. As a result, you may want to check them beforehand so you know which ones you would want to take during your trip in Turkey.
If you plan on choosing a particular travel package Turkey, these are just some of the things you need to check even before your trip. Touring around the world is such a difficult but satisfying task. That is why you need to take time and take it one step at a time.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Chinatown at Orlando, Florida


On the Christmas day i got a day off due to holiday. So that morning we headed to Orlando Florida, not going to any tourist attractions there instead we detour to Chinatown. A place where you can see and find all kinds of Asian things and food especially! I was like wow! I really had fun on that place, the entire complex is cool. A thrifty store with all kinds of products from China, wink. The Chinese cuisine restaurant was packed as if one i saw on Chinese movies before. Another place to eat is the Pho Noodle place, Thai resto for sure. And the last destination is the food mart, 1storiental supermarket it is! Where you can buy your groceries, from fresh live fishes, dried fishes to seafood, oriental produced and fruits from different countries of origins. Moreso, if you are looking or craving for lechon? they have the whole roasted pork similar to Philippine letchon and i tell you it was as good as the one in the PH. So if you are in Orlando area or close by don't miss the Chinatown supermarket. You definitely enjoying your tour there. Wink!