Saturday, March 8, 2014

Customized stuff

When the boss told me that we should get customized plastic bags and super cute fylers for the restaurant, I was all excited because I got this trade wholesale printing at gift card that can finally be put to used. I've been telling them about customized stuff because in a way, it will boost the the resto, a personal touch is always good for any business. Anyway, since tomorrow is my day off, might as well work on it. But that is after our family bonding of course! Happy weekend ya'all, spend it good and right! Winks!

Riverside Park & Trail


I make sure i'm spending my moments with my precious kids as much as possible during my off days at work. So, we taking them to the parks, beaches, malls and anywhere possible. Last week we headed up to one of the relaxing and beautiful scenery in our area, it was at the riverside park and trails. People are coming here to go fishing, some are taking a walk on the trails with their adorable pets, others swimming and boating, and mostly are just having fun and enjoying the views. Honestly, it is a pretty good size location to spend moments with friends and families. Along with kids play ground areas, grilling stations with picnic bars and cottages and so much more. We definitely had a fun ride day along with sight seeing! Wink!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

In searching of

Since I'm in search for my kid's new past time and is considering music and musical instruments as my top choice, I have thought of giving my boy a little guitar. It is often good to start teaching and training children a certain hobby or skill as early as their in their toddler years. Children's minds have always been compared to a sponge, they are fast learners and easy to grasp almost everything. Ok, back to the guitar, children's toy guitars are a lot cheaper than the true professional guitars. Most toy guitars are made of plastic and does not require guitar strings, strings like the ernie ball 9s. Since I have mentioned it already, these guitar strings are truly reliable for professional guitars. As my boy ages, I might need to learn about these in time.

It's a date

I can't believe it's the first of March already! Awesome because we have so many plans ahead of us and one main thing i am excited about is we are officially taking kids to Legoland, FL. My boys who loves Legos would be tickled to the deepest level when he finds out the surprise for him and his lil sis. I got the e-tickets scheduled already so just waiting on that day to come! lol, Can't get enough of the excitement so sure we'll having so much fun at one of the famous theme parks in the state of Florida and of course across the country. Wink!