Friday, January 29, 2016

A place called Eden

My sister and cousin just got home from their trip a few weeks ago. Yes right, they started the year with a vacation! (Geez, lol!) I wasn't interested with their travel stories actually, lol but their pictures are blog-worthy so fine, I'm gonna post them here as my "return of the come back post" hahaha!

They went to a place called Eden Nature Park, Davao Philippines. As per Wiki:

Eden Nature Park is a mountain resort and paradise located in Davao City. This place for rest and relaxation is 95% human-made, located 3000 ft above sea level of Davao City. This place of recreation is rich in exotic flowers, lush green forests, and the songs of birds.

Eden Nature Park was then a logged-over area covered by wild grass when it was discovered in 1971. The owner of the area realized that the place could be one major tourist attraction for it has an imposing view of Davao City and Davao Gulf. Thousands of pine tree seedlings were planted not long after terraces were carved out of the mountain slope. At present, 100 000 pine trees covering 80 hectares contribute to the beauty of the place.

But none can describe something as nice and accurate as pictures does, so here it goes, these are just some of the shots they took from a place called Eden.

First for 2016

Hi there, it's been a while. Had it not for the time-stamp, I wouldn't even remember how long has it been since my last post. So how are things going for La Kurdapya? Part of me wants to jot it down here just like the old times you know, be it a milestone in life or plain random moment, but part of me also has this "writer's block" as they say. To be honest I don't know how to go back to blogging again but then, I know I just got to let the words flow.

So anyway, let me share you some things that I have been up to lately. Work-wise, I've been working in a restaurant for quite some time already and although this is one tough job, I gotta say I'm enjoying it! One reason is because I am really a people person, I like the crowd, the busy-bee kinda set up. Am I weird? LOL! Personal life, well I am just grateful for everyday. The kids are growing up like weeds, they're both in their school years now. (I might share some pics later on, winks) Florida has been great to us overall, lots of places to feature here, lots of food adventures, lots of stories to tell. But then again, please allow me to take it one step at a time, I'm looking at my blogs like there's cobwebs in it, lol!

I really do hope to revive my blogs and be as active as before. I miss everything and everyone round the hood/blogsphere. So I guess I'd have to say this, see you!